Freezing Breast Milk

Hi ladies. I am preparing to go back to work and need to freeze some BM before I start. How long can I store BM in the refrigerator before putting it in the freezer. Also I plan on freezing it in the glass Lifefactory bottles and wanted to know if you freeze the bottle with the nipple on or the little plastic top that comes with the bottles.
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Re: Freezing Breast Milk

  • You probably should check out this link to KellyMom: It has a lot of really good information.  I know that most moms on here freeze in bags, but personally I used bottles to freeze BM.  If you do bottles, you want to use the little plastic tops, and then just use the nipples when you are giving the bottles. I liked the idea of the bottles since I could just pull them out and warm them without having to transfer the milk from a bag.  Also, I have two older children who are teenagers, and I just really worried about them digging around in the freezer and somehow damaging the bags.  The bottles seemed more durable to me.  However, bags are cheaper and you will need quite a few bottles if you are planning on building a good freezer stash.  I opted to freeze in the full 5 oz amounts, to cut down on wasted space in the bottles.  You can leave BM up to the full amount of time in the fridge (3-8 days) and then move it into the freezer, but if you know you are planning to freeze it, it is best to move it into the freezer as soon as you can to help shelf life.  GL on going back to work! 

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