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Leaking boobs after shower question

I am pumping several times a day however when I get out of the shower my boobs are leaking a lot!! If I pump right before I shower will they still leak? Do you have a better way to take care if this

Re: Leaking boobs after shower question

  • Visiting from J15 but this happened to me with my first, and pumping just before can help a bit, but unfortunately when you are trying to establish a supply, it will happen from the stimulation from the warm water and water pressure. I used to have my bra and nursing pads handy so I could quickly "dry off" and put on my bra with nursing pads because that often stopped it faster then anything else. I wouldn't suggest walking through you house because I'm sure you have noticed that you will leave a milk trail :)

  • I have to keep a nursing bra handy too. I heard that the leaking will stop after a few weeks but I am still waiting.
  • My doctor told me its because of the warm water stimulating my nipples when I shower. She said try to turn your back on the water (which is damn near impossible) and it shouldn't happen. 
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  • My boobs leak pretty much 24/7. It's lovely.
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