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Wednesday Brag Day

I saw it wasn't started and I have something.

Earlier today, DS held my hand and walked through the grocery store with me without any throwing himself on the floor or trying to rearrange the shelves. He's typically difficult to bring there even sitting in the buggy. It was crowded so I think he was distracted by the people and it worked to my advantage.
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Re: Wednesday Brag Day

  • I will have to say DS wearing beanie hats has improved! This all as been at his will instead of me forcing the hat.

    He wore one of my old beanies a few weeks ago.

    MIL bought DS a beanie with gloves. DS put them both on and loved them.

    Santa brought DS a lightning mcqueen beanie and managed to wear it for a few pictures.

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  • A day late but we just got home from Christmas with family, and my son with severe anxiety did great!  He used to be miserable during parties, often having to be forced into the house, wouldn't talk to people, spent a lot of time scowling in the corner or throwing himself on the floor and hiding his head.  Tonight he "played santa" and passed out the gifts to everyone, was looking people in the eye, making jokes, and not only answering questions but initiating conversation!  Several people commented on the change in him and I was beaming with pride at how well he did.  He started medication for anxiety and depression last May and we've been adjusting the dose around a bit but I think we're at a good level for now!   Unfortunately we had to leave the party early b/c they have cats and he's severely allergic and after 3 hours in the house he was miserable with itchy eyes, sneezing etc. 
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