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Shameful Gender Disappointment


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  • ftmdubai said:

    Some rather strong replies on here. I think OP is saying she feels ashamed and guilty because she so desperately wants a daughter and feels bad about her feelings, not that she'd be ashamed of having a son. I'm sure she will very much love her son that doesn't mean she can't long for a daughter

    Why are you reviving old threads? This is the second I've seen you do.

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  • @Whootie When we found out at 14 weeks (we took it with a huge grain of salt - we'll confirm at the a/s in a few weeks), my sister asked if I was disappointed we were having a boy. I said I was a little sad we weren't have a girl - but if we were having a girl I'd have been a little said we weren't having a boy. I think it's very normal to have a few feelings of "what if" and sadness for the baby that isn't. Doesn't mean I'm not thrilled for this LO and I can't wait to meet him - but there were a few feelings of what if. I think your current thought process of taking it one day at a time and being excited for June, is the right attitude - I agree with PPs and that talking to a counselor could be very helpful, if you are feeling overwhelmed. 
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  • @Whootie‌, I totally understand the dream of braids and taking you little girl into the salon with you. I'm also a cosmetologist and that was one thing I was super excited about! Now that I know I'm having a little boy all I can think about are the cute little hair cuts I'll give him and how much fun it'll be to teach him everything I know. Gender disappointment should be relabeled but it's very real. You have a lot of women giving you some excellent suggestions! I would recommend talking to some one like all the PP's have mentioned or talk to one of us.
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