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Pottery Barn Kids - Tatum crib?

Has anyone had experience with the PBK Tatum crib?
I love the design in gray and white.  I'm curious whether it will hold up well over time, and whether the quality would be decent.  I have read reviews that manyh PBK cribs are overpriced, but then again, I've read other reviews from moms who love their PBK cribs and have used them for multiple cribs.  I realize I am, to some extent, paying a premium for brand name -- but I would just really like to know anybody's experiences on durability.

Major bonus points: can anyone compare this specific PBK crib to the Babyletto Hudson -- https://www.babyletto.com/hudson-3-in-1-convertible-crib?  (It's another gray and white one, much cheaper especially considering it comes with the toddler conversion rail included in the price whereas PBK charges extra.)

Re: Pottery Barn Kids - Tatum crib?

  • No experience with pottery barn, but we have the babyletto Hudson crib in grey and LOVE it! Her dresser is from land of nod and is the same price point as PBK and I don't see any difference in quality from our $1250 dresser to our $375 crib. Sideways b/c I'm mobile



  • Thanks for the super-helpful replies.  Good to know about the BabyMod option as well.  I'm loving all these gray cribs!

    libby+nate, I am curious to see the Land of Nod dresser, if you don't mind sending a pic.  Did you consider the babyletto Hudson dresser/changing table to match the crib, and decide against it?  I would be curious to hear your thought process there.  How long have you been using the crib?  No issues with scratches or nicks in the paint?  (I've read reviews saying it scratches easily, but then other reviews that they used it for 2 kids and it still looks new....)
  • Sure! @bellsieshell‌ I went with the Blake dresser. It is $799 then I think $150 for changing top and it cost us $250 to ship. I wanted a dresser with space on top for things like lamp/humidifier and the Blake dresser also has built in shelves/storage. The design of the legs of the dresser actually match the Hudson crib really well because they both angle out. My LO is only 5 weeks so I can't be of much help but our crib had no chips and seems like a great quality! I bought it from target and used my red card for 5% off plus free shipping. Good luck with the nursery and congrats!



  • PBK holds up very well! It's the only brand we buy our children because it lasts for multiple children. We bought the Larkin crib, dresser with changing topper, and night stand used off Cragslist. We have already used it for DD3 and will use it for baby # 3 due in July. It has held up quite well. If still looks new. We have a toddler bed from from PBK that is on kiddo # 2 and is in great shape. Plus it is so sturdy! there have been times my husband, daughter, and I have laid on it at the same time. With average toddler beds there would have been some bowing from so much weight. Not with PBK! DD1's bedroom set is also a PBK set we bought off Craigslist and other than a couple of scratches, it looks new. Now we do have three Cameron bookshelves from PBK and I have to use touch paint on them about once a year. They are in a play area and are used quite a bit. The paint chips on the edges where baskets and books are pulled off the shelves.
  • We have a PBK crib and love it! It has been used constant for 2.5+ years, been moved to 3 different states (we move a lot) and still looks brand new! Last weekend we looked at cheaper price point cribs since DS2 will be in the crib at least a year longer so we need another for baby #3, and we were not impressed. We ended up ordering another PBK crib because we know it will last a long time and when we are done with it can sell it for a decent price.
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