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What's for dinner? Meal plans.

Going to start this thread---just because it helps keep me accountable to myself. And curious what you are all eating this week. It's a pretty easy week for us with the holidays, but I know not everyone celebrates too. 

Sunday-Roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn
Wednesday-Christmas Eve dinner: beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, carrots and rolls
Thursday-Christmas Day dinner: ham, cheesy potatoes, healthy green bean casserole and rolls
Friday-City chicken and mashed potatoes

Just realized that there will be lots of potatoes in our diet this week when I typed this out. lol
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Re: What's for dinner? Meal plans.

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    Monday - Homemade mac and cheese

    Tuesday - Baked chicken, vegetables, and some other side dish

    Wednesday - Christmas Eve party at MIL's

    Thursday - Christmas dinner at our house: standing rib roast, Garlic mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, either a salad or green beans, and cheesecake for dessert.

    Friday - Leftovers (roast beef sandwiches, probably)

    Saturday - Lasagna and garlic bread
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    Sunday - minestrone soup from freezer
    Monday - turkey tacos (my kids are finally on the taco train!!)
    Tuesday - slow cooker soy braised chicken over rice with bok choy
    Wednesday - spinach and cheese ravioli and salad
    Thursday - beef tenderloin, potatoes, green beans
    Friday - hitting the road for a few days.
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    M - leftovers
    T - turkey tenderloin
    W - pigs-n-a-blanket (a tradition we do after Christmas Eve mass)
    Th - prime rib, twice baked potato casserole, roasted asparagus, spinach salad
    F - frozen spaghetti
    S - Christmas w/ my in-laws.  I don't know what we are having but I'm bringing greek salad
    S - something I can whip up from the freezer/fridge
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    Monday - I ate Paradise Bakery with my mom.

    Tuesday - Chicken crescents, mashed potatoes

    Wednesday - Turkey burgers and fries

    Thursday - we have a Christmas at lunch time and a Christmas at dinner. Dinner will be cranberry pork loin, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, corn casserole. Lots of healthy stuff!

    Friday - leftovers

    Saturday - going out with friends so I'm sure this will include a drive-thru of some kind on the way down.

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    Sunday - beef pot roast

    Monday - tacos

    Tuesday - beef & vegetable soup (turned the pot roast leftovers into soup) for me and DH, mac & cheese for kids

    Christmas Eve - appetizers at DH's mom's side Christmas

    Christmas - Christmas dinner for lunch at my parents' house

    Saturday - DH's grandpa's birthday party

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