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Here's to Hoping at 39

Hi All, My name is Marie and I'm nearing 40.  I didn't think I wanted to have children until I met my hubby who is a few years younger than me. After four years of marriage, I finally got interested into getting pregnant, but hubby had a stroke at the age 34 this past March.  He has been on a lot of medication but doing exceptionally well.  He mostly lost a lot of speech but has gotten most of it back.  So, we want to start trying soon.  But I feel like my time is limited more than ever even though my gynecologist tells me not to worry because women have so much more options now.  I can't help feeling like I may have missed my chance maybe. Any advice?

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  • Hi Marie. Sorry about your difficult circumstances. There are several women on here who are your age and beyond who were able to conceive naturally and otherwise, if you look through the posts. For support about charting and fertility specialists, you might want to check out the Trying to Concieve >35 forum:
  • I was on the TTC over 35 board and those women are amazing and supportive!! You should really write there. They can give you all the great supportive advice you will ever need. I hope your husband is doing better. How scary to be so young and have a stroke. FX for both of you!

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  • I second the TTC after 35 board. I started trying when I got married at age 40. After 5 Ivf attempts we decided to use donor eggs. There are many options out there!! We are now pg with our second DE baby, and I'm 45yo. Please Do head straight to RE if not pg after trying for 6 mo. Good luck!!
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  • Welcome!  I am sorry you're having a hard time but glad to hear that your husband is doing so well! That's so young to go through something like that!!  

    There are a lot of women on this board who are over 40 and pregnant. :) I am 37 and almost 17 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby. It happens! If you want to, you could also schedule a visit with an RE and they can do some testing but if you've never tried to conceive before.. I would probably just see how it goes and hopefully it happens all on it's own.  :) 

    Good luck to you! 
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  • I'm 42 and pregnant naturally . I am 36 weeks today:) good luck. Like pp ttc after 35 is awesome!
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  • Hi Marie!!!

    I am 42 (almost 43) and conceived naturally with the BF.  We weren't exactly trying, but not NOT trying either.  We figured we'd take what God gave us. I am 11 1/2 weeks.

    Try not to stress.  It can and does happen!

    Hope things will continue to improve for your hubby.
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  • I am 41 and currently 8 weeks pregnant with our second. My son is 15 months old and I had him one week before my 40th birthday. My husband and I also met later in life and will be married 3 years in August. There are challenges for many women at any age when it comes to the miracle of conceiving a child. We so far have been lucky to have it happen naturally in spite of my age and several other medical risk factors. Best of luck to you, but I wouldn't let your age be a deterrent.
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