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Mmc taking forever

Hi guys. I don't know the proper way to intro here, so please let me know if I'm posting incorrectly. This mmc is not resolving itself and I could really use some advice from others that have been through this. My first loss was in August at 9w. I started bleeding just a week after seeing a healthy hb. I miscarried naturally. I found out on Monday at my 9w u/s that I'm measuring something like 5w, which is very bad since I was charting and taking opks and got an early bfp. So basically nothing has been developing for the past month and bleeding hasn't started yet. I have another u/s on the 26th to confirm there is no growth. I am going to ask for cytotec. Has anyone else had a mmc take forever to start?

On a side note I'd like to complain about the nurses at my ob that like to remain optimistic that I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to chart and that everything is fine. False hope is not useful for someone that has been through a loss before (at least for me) and I'd appreciate some honesty from medical professionals.

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Re: Mmc taking forever

  • Thanks @jefa621.  Good point that it may have just been slow growth and not totally going nowhere the past month.  That would explain the long length of time.  Thanks for sharing your story.  You're right every pregnancy and loss is different.  My two pregnancies and losses were different in every way, which is why I was so hopeful that this one was going to stick.  I think I may end up looking for a second opinion since I haven't been thrilled with this practice so far.  They charge me $300 for a visit with the OB which consists of him talking a million miles an hour, not really listening to me, and getting the f out of there within 10 minutes because he is so busy.  I don't know if another practice will be any different, but it's probably worth a try.

    Married to DH June 2013
    BFP #1 07/23/14 lost heartbeat @ 9w
    BFP #2 11/07/14 mmc @ 9w
    BFP #3 due February 2016!
  • I'm sorry you're going through this *hug*

    For my second MC it started happening at 10 weeks and they said the baby had stopped growing at around 6. I had no idea until the MC started that the baby had stopped growing 4 weeks prior.

    To answer your questions about others experiences you can read the Advice and Experiences thread at the top of this board. I know that many have found it helpful.

    The limbo stage sucks when you have no idea what's going to happen and when. Good luck. More *hugs*
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  • From the time the heartbeat stopped, to the time I naturally miscarried was almost 3 weeks.
    (I found out 6 days before I miscarried)
    I'd definitely chose the cytotec... I don't think I could emotionally keep waiting and being in limbo.
  • I was 10 weeks when I miscarried but measured around 7 weeks. I realized the day after my 10 week mark when I started spotting and passing a few small clots. The ER doctor recommended I take the cytotec instead of waiting to naturally miscarry. I actually preferred that because I wanted to just start the process. She also advised me to not take it at night so I could sleep but I didnt want to wait any longer than I had to.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. **hugs**
  • I am so sorry for your loss.

    I've had two d&cs after missed miscarriages (one mm discovered at 8w, measured 5w6d, d&c was a week later, the other mm was discovered at 12w, measured 8w2d, d&c was the following day, which was yesterday).

    I don't know why my body was holding on to a non-viable pregnancy, but I'm glad I had the d&c both times. I'd had no spotting or cramping at all for the most recent one and my body showed no signs of miscarrying naturally even though the baby had stopped developing almost a month ago. The d&c itself was relatively easy and I don't remember a thing about the actual procedure. Minimal cramping afterward and only spotting (although I know this varies from person to person). Just another option for you to consider if you don't want to wait it out. Hugs, mama. It's an awful situation all around, but I hope you can make the best decision for you.
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