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Too much gear?

First time mom here.  I've got a bassinet, a pack n play, a bouncer, a swing, and a lulyboo.  Is that too much stuff?  Do some things take the place of others?

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Re: Too much gear?

  • Not sure what a lulyboo is, but we had/have all the other stuff. Turns out our LO didn't like the bouncer or swing. We still use the pack n play in our room so I can put her in it while I shower. The bassinet was a gift and nice to have, but not necessarily something we would have purchased ourselves since we had the pack n play. Every baby is different, so you may get a lot of use out of the gear. We weren't too upset that we didn't use ours much since we plan on having more children and can try it with them too.
  • Likely, yes. The problem is that you won't know what your baby will like until the baby is in the outside world. So keep it all, keep receipts, and return what doesn't work for you. For example, my kids were both completely creeped out by anything that moved by use of a battery or electricity. If it swung, rocked or vibrated, they would have none of it. So I had a swing and vibrating bouncer that were never used.
  • Our PNP has a bassinet that was fit the entire width and length of the PNP so we just used that for the first two months.  No need for a separate bassinet and due to the style the basinet portion was barely anything to store after we were done with it.

    The bouncer, swing and jumperoo (from ~5 or 6 months) were the items I would not wanted to have lived without!

  • nah, you can never have too much!
    See what baby likes best and use it :)

    We have a PnP (serves as our  bassinet also), a swing, 2 bouncers, 2 playmats/gyms, a baby einstein bouncer, another more stationary bouncer, a convertible high chair (that we currently use for playtime) we did have a rock n play but we hated that so returned it right away.

    my DD LOVES her swing the best.  But when she is feeling a bit more active she likes to sit in her bouncers (one on each level of the house) or in her high chair and play with toys on the tray.  Its very helpful to have a bouncer upstairs & downstairs, particularly for showering/cooking- she goes in it and amuses herself for a bit so we can use our hands without having to lug around a chair up/down stairs!
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