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Too long for infant car seat?

My 9-month old is barely under 17-lb but already 29-inch at her check up.  Our Baby Trend Flex-Loc infant car seat only holds up to 30-inch.  Any experiences in fast-growing babies for car seats?  We didn't anticipate getting the next stage so quickly and thought the infant one would be useful up to two years.  I've been researching so do we need to look for the convertible car seat and / or booster now?  I know rear-facing as long as possible is safest.  Any suggestions on products, longer-term but still reasonably priced.  The "All / 3 in One" are double or three times the price.
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Re: Too long for infant car seat?

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    Safety First sport model is what we have. It's made for smaller cars and it fits great in our Honda Civic. We actually gained an inch or two after taking out the carrier. Easy and no fuss installation. (Latch was too loose in our car so it's just with a seat belt but still just as safe). We switched at 8 months because he was just too long and broad in the shoulders. 

    Also, most stores like BRU will let you test the car seat out in your car or will accept returns too. 
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    I'm a car seat technician and would be happy to help you with choosing your next seat if you need it.  There's a very good chance your child's seat is already outgrown because he also needs to have 1" of hard shell above his head and at his height, if he has a longer torso, he very well may not.  Message me if I can help you with your decision.
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