Hi! I'm new here and was wondering about a baby shower....

I just had my son on 11/29 and he was due 2/19... I still want to have a shower but I have questions no one I know can't help with. How do you word the invitation? I also want to add on it, in a very polite way to please not attend if you're sick or think you're getting sick but I have no idea how to word it. What kinds of things can you do at your shower now? Any neat games people have come up with? Anything at all you want to say that you think will help, please do! I'm over tired and need help....

Re: Hi! I'm new here and was wondering about a baby shower....

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    cpj7 said:

    I didn't have a shower, or planning one. I'd perhaps wait until lo is a bit older & has a better immune system then host a party to meet lo.

    Oh the baby isn't going to be there. My sister wants to go ahead with the shower we were planning for January, baby isn't due home until end of January. We still wanted to do a normal shower to give me just a bit of feeling of normalcy. We need a lot of stuff for the baby because we have a huge family and were all planning on getting us most of it so we're severely unequipped lol. We have a crib... And a crib.
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    We had my shower scheduled, but LO was born a couple weeks before. We went ahead as planned. Maybe include something along the lines of "we'd love for everyone to be able to celebrate, but in order to keep LO healthy and growing, we appreciate if anyone with symptoms of cold/flu respectfully decline" or something like that.
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    My LO was born the morning of my shower.  I called the hostess at 6 AM (right after she sent a reminder email to the guests) and told her that I'd just had my LO and so she'd better cancel it.  One person did not get the memo and arrived to an empty house...  We rescheduled for the next weekend, and had the shower while LO was in the NICU.  It was nice to take a bit of time off, but not too long, as I had to pump, etc.  She just told everyone that the baby had arrived and that we were being extra careful to avoid germs since we would not be allowed to see our baby if we were sick.  We gave away bottles of hand sanitizer (scented) as shower gifts and had them at the door so everyone could sanitize as they arrived.  One couple dropped off a gift but didn't come in since they had the sniffles.  Everyone was understanding and it was nice to be able to give a report on her status.  Don't feel bad about the germ thing.  As a preemie mom, you now have to be a total lunatic about germs and if people don't get it, that's their problem.

    I would advise that you cannot predict when they will send LO home.  They always tell you that it will be around your due date, but that is a wild guess.  I'd shoot for having the shower sooner because you probably do not want to expose LO to a crowd during RSV season in case he is sent home.  And they seriously will be like, no, he's not coming home, and then, bam, he is.  Plus, that gives you more time to shop for items you did not get.

    Sure, there are some games you can't play, but we did baby-item taboo, guess how old mom is in different baby pictures of her, and maybe some other baby-themed group games.  Ask your hostess to google.  
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    I think all of these are great suggestions.. I also agree with mentioning about keeping potential illness away from you, rather than letting it go "assumed."  People may mean well and think nothing of it otherwise.    I ended up with pneumonia the week after my little guy was born (simply because I'd let myself run down from all of the stress, mostly) and was not allowed to see my own preemie for a week.. it was torturous, to say the least.     Being a preemie mom will make you a little neurotic about germs, and it's for a good reason.   
    Have a great time at your shower and try to relax a little while! Go at your own pace and don't stress :)

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