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Happy Friday!

Today’s prize: OXO Tot Seedling High Chair.


For a chance to win, reply below and answer the question:

What are your holiday plans with baby?

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  • Her Nana and uncle are coming to visit! First time meeting her uncle and the first time her Nana has seen her since she was a month old (she's 18 months now!) :)
  • We'll be going on our 8th annual family trip to Banff, AB and we'll be bringing our 3 month old daughter.... It's pretty surreal that she'll be with us. Our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. It's just so wonderful!
  • We will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Nana, Papa, and Auntie! 
  • This is our baby's 1st Christmas, so we will be celebrating as a family by having breakfast by the tree and opening presents.  We are very excited to see her reaction to opening presents!  Then we will celebrate her 1st birthday 2 days later!! :)
  • We're hosting Christmas brunch, then relaxing and playing with her new toys. Have to prepare for her 1st birthday on 12/26!
  • thus will be his 2nd Christmas. my mom got him a special outfit just for Christmas. we visit my family during the day and his family right afterwards because he has a huge family. and then on a whole separate day we have a Christmas get together with all my aunts and uncles. he's the only baby so he's passed around like a hot potato. everybody loves him so much! he's definitely spoiled!
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  • My baby isn't born yet, but I'm sure she'll enjoy all the delicious food right along with me!
  • This will be babys first christmas an since he will only be 20 days old we are keeping it low key, my parents invited us to their house, since this is the first christmas they arent going away, then we will go to my inlaws later in the day.
  • Holiday plans include prepping for a holiday delivery just in case we don't make it to the due date. The family is on standby to do Christmas at the hospital.
  • Hopefully just a quiet relaxing day with hubby.
  • We will open presents with our son at home and then go to my father's house to open presents and have Christmas dinner. We then drive to my husband's mothers house 2 hours away. We have Christmas with his family the next day and exchange gifts in our secret exchange where names are picked the year before. We open our gifts and guess who had our name. We then pick out $5.00 mystery gag gifts that everyone brings and try and guess who brought what. Funny random stuff a lot of time. We spend the rest of that weekend there and just go shopping/hang out, etc.
  • We are driving to my parents house (11 hour drive) and then flying to my in-laws house! Super excited!
  • to pass them off to the grandparents for once, lol:)
  • Still pregnant, but already looking forward to baby's first Christmas next year!

  • We spend the holidays with our families!  
  • Staying home with our little family!
  • Money has been pretty tight this year, so we were only able to get our DD a couple things, but we're going to spend the day watching Christmas movies and just being together :)
  • Baby is still in my tummy, but she is with me wherever I go and do. Just spending time with family that lives close by and eating lots of yummy food! I think she will enjoy it, too.
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  • Everyone is coming to our house. Can't wait!
  • Showing her off in my belly as my husband and I host our parents to our first family Christmas dinner (and our first anniversary) at home!
  • Christmas day with the inlaws
  • We are going on a little road trip to Death Valley national park, then to grandma and grandpa's house. I'm hoping there is snow!

  • Christmas Eve mass and Christmas morning with my parents and sisters family. And afternoon with my husbands family!! Spending lots of time with family:)
  • We are planning to stay in and spend time together on the 24th. We will then go to a big family party at my sister's house on the 25th. I love watching the kids tear into their gifts every year! I have 7 nieces and nephews along with my little one and one on the way =)
  • Eating everything like a good pregnant lady


  • My two year old daughter, my 11 month old son, and myself will be celebrating Christmas at my parents house. My older brother and my aunt will also be celebrating with us. It is my son's first Christmas so we are going to try to make it special.
  • My twins are 18 months so I'm so excited to experience Christmas with them this year!
  • We find out the gender this holiday season! Baby is still snuggled inside mommy and baby's auntie is visiting from Washington to Hawaii (where we reside), while my Husband interviews around the country for Residency. We will be lighting Hanukkah candles every night and making fun little Hanukkah treats like marshmallow dreidels in prep for next year with baby! 
  • We are due with our first, but tonight we are going to get a Christmas tree! It's a tradition for our family.
  • We are having family coming to us this time to make my little ones first christmas special
  • Our baby isn't due until June, We plan to spend holidays with family and eating lots of food!

  • small family party and then visiting grandparents in toronto!
  • With my family and husband s family in Miami :)
  • Spend time with my family and relax at home
  • We'll be racing around trying to visit with as much family as possible, but we love the chaos!  We'll spend some night cuddling and watching Christmas movies so we'll still get some relaxing in too.
  • We are not due till may so baby will be enjoying the yummy Christmas food from inside :) next year will be opening presents and spending time with family!
  • This is my husband and I first child, we will be at my mothers house on Christmas day, at my in laws Early Christmas eve and and at our church's candle lit service Christmas eve night, we are so excited that we got this precious gift almost 4 months ago.
  • Our holiday plans include spending time with my sister while she's in town at my parents house! My 3 & 5 year old can't wait to see what Santa brings them. The holiday's have been great for helping time go by until our 3rd baby arrives in March!
  • Hopefully bring baby girl home from the hospital as she was 6 weeks early :D
  • Going home and letting my family know about the baby!
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