Mommy & Me Swimming Lessons

Grandma got DS swimming lessons for Christmas. I am so excited to start them in January. What is proper swim lesson with toddler, mom attire? It's at the Y. Should I buy a one piece or some board shorts? I'm also going to be into third trimester by time they end in March.

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  • I just wore a cute one piece (or I would do a tankini), but I'm not normally a bikini person anyway bc I'm a curvier gal. The other moms there either wore a one piece or tankini.
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  • Thanks, I thought maybe most moms wore one pieces but it's good to know a bikini is just fine. I didn't know if there was an unspoken rule of mom modesty.

    @TheEmpireNeedsYou‌ I'm afraid by 3rd tri I won't be able to see for myself if my butt and vag are covered. ;) Hopefully I'd feel any weird drafts.
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    I took DS1 to mommy and me swim lessons when I was in my 3rd tri with DS2. I bought he cheapest bathing suit I could find. I threw that suit in the trash.

    I remember thinking they should parade every 14 year old girl past me in the change room while I struggled to get myself and my 16 month old ready for and cleaned up after swim lessons. My giant, pregnant ass, DS running around like madman, peeing on the floor (and worse) as a proof positive that you need to think long and hard before having a baby. I'd pay money to see footage of that now. good times.
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  • I am in my third tri right now and I wear a bikini with a workout shirt over it.  I was wearing my own shirts but had to switch over to DHs because they were not covering me anymore.

  • @ridesbuttons‌ you painted quite the picture. I'm still excited, but now it's mixed with a bit of fear lol.
  • Also try to pee at home before you go.  Nothing worse than sitting on a wet toilet.  There is always a wet toilet. 

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