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  • FTM but was watching my nephew and he was playing while I was gliding laundry in the next room. He came in cover in purple. Thought it was marker... I was so wrong it was food coloring and he had "painted" the whole kitchen. Yikes!!!
  • My baby is only a few months old so I don't have too many very funny stories (I definitely have more from all the times I've nannied/babysat over the years). But, one does stand out as funny and almost embarrassing. When my babe was just 12 days old my husband and I went to my grandparents' house so they could meet her for the first time. This is their first great-granddaughter so of course they ohhed and ahhed over her and help her. Well, she pooped and since I was still a bit sore and tired from being out earlier in the day, I just changed her on my lap in the recliner. Just as I put the clean diaper under her butt, she starts pooping! I quickly covered it, catching everything but feeling embarrassed. With that I took the newly dirty diaper off and got another out. Right as I did that she started pooping more! Thankfully I had a burp cloth under her that caught it. It only took a good 3 minutes to get a fresh diaper on but it was thoroughly embarrassing because my grandmother doesn't like messes
  • The first time my husband felt the baby kick, his face explained it all.
  • While at a pumpkin patch, my 1 month old had a poo-splosion. We were on a trailer taking us to the middle of a field to pick our pumpkins. We were both covered. To top it off, we only had 2 wipes left in our diaper bag.
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  • When my DD was about 2 weeks old, I was changing her diaper and just as I was putting a clean one under her, she pooped and it shot clean out up my shirt and even on the wall! I screamed out of surprise and my husband just laughed and laughed :)
  • I think the funniest times are the random things I say from day to day: don't put your milk in your boot, don't color your sister, etc. Oh and yesterday he ran over the gingerbread baby with his car, lol
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    I was so nervous and excited! after 15 hours of labor, it was time to start pushing, took only half an hour, mom almost missed the delivery, happy he was out and 5 seconds after he was born he peed all over my side, the bed, and my gown. couldn't believe it. I just laughed super hard.
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  • It was my sons 1st Halloween & my husband thought it'd b a great idea to give him his pumpkin with candy. Before I knew it he was covered in chocolate! Smiling from ear to ear!!!
  • I will just say that I don't let my son sleep in just a diaper anymore in his crib. He always has pants. I'll just say that he woke up from his nap and ripped his diaper off and there was a little poop in it. He decided to rub it on his face, shirt and the sheet. The sheer horror on my face when I heard he was awake and walked in and saw him and looked down at the diaper on the floor over the side of the crib. Horror......sheer horror. LOL. My husband was at work and thought it was hilarious when he heard. I was so horrified I didn't even think to get a picture which people said I should have. I was too focused on cleaning him up. That is why he always has pants or shorts on................just in case! :)
  • Changing LO's diaper after a number 2 and after the diaper is off realizing he wasnt done. I didnt know what to do! It caught me by surprise.
  • My baby is only 5 days old but he makes the funniest faces, while in the hospital i was holding him and talking to him and he suddenly opened his eyes and stuck out his tongue. I wish i had a picture it was so cute and gave me my first laugh since having him.
  • I'm expecting my first baby, so I don't have any stories with her yet, but I do have a little brother that I took care off and one time I was going to change his dirty diaper with number two and when I open the diaper I guess he wasn't finished, but the poop came like pee straight to me and all the walls of the room. I started to call my mom for help and when she came in she started laughing instead of helping!
  • Still pregnant but at 9 months along my funniest moments revolve around my struggle to put on socks and shoes and pants. There is a very specific way to make these things happen and my husband is literally rolling on the floor laughing every time he catches me attempting to clothe myself. It's a sad sight.
  • I'm pregnant with my first so people seem to think I want to hold their babies. I get pit up on 85% of the time! I'm excited to have my own LO spit up on me for once. I can't wait to tell people my hands are full!


  • Not a mommy yet! but looking forward to many hilarious mommy moments!
  • Last week I asked my 2 y/o what he was going to get me for Christmas, to which he responded "Bath!" I guess he's been paying attention since his little sister was born a month ago and what that's done to my shower schedule!
  • My now three year old used to always say hi to EVERYONE, unless they actually said hi back then she was super shy.  Everyone always though it was funny and cute.

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  • Hearing my husband yelling HELP while changing our baby girl and she decides she's not finished!
  • Went to change my 2 week old son's diaper at around 3am. Picked up his legs, he shotgun pooped all over me. Hubby still reminds me how I woke him in horror, he is hard of hearing and didn't have his hearing aid on. Said he could read my lips and I was cursing up a storm trying to clean our son and then go change and shower.
  • The 1-yr old only knows one word - woof.  So he started woofing at a pretty little girl who caught his eye.  We'll have to teach him some better pick-up moves when he gets older but when you're 1 and you only have one trick, you gotta use it!
  • Baby is still in the belly but I'm excited for all the mommy moments and experiences to come!
  • haha that's happened to me
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  • FTM but the first time my friend handed me her baby the first thing he did was pee all over me! I like to think of it has him marking his territory.
  • FTM but I will tell you a story of a family member who had a little boy. His Daddy was playing with him throwing him up in the air and the jostling created a result the Dad was not prepared for...the little boy threw up in the Dad's mouth, yuck! But it is a hilarious story we hear everytime somone new gets pregnant :-)
  • My littlest baby's first pee was all over her daddy's lap :)
  • Ftm here but my best friend's toddler recently acquired $2 and was excited to make her first purchase. She walked into Target announcing that she was going to buy 100 toys for herself and her stepbrother. She was dismayed to learn she could only afford a coke. So she asked if she could have $100 more dollars for Jesus' birthday coming up.
  • My hilarious mommy moment is changing a blowout in a parking lot and having to shop with remains on my shirt, new mom moment: must bring shirt for mommy too!
  • We were at a church meeting and I had just fed and burped my 3 mo old in another room and decided to join everyone again. He was quietly sitting on my lap while our pastor was talking then out of no where let out a HUGE burp and started laughing at himself! He then got startled by everyone else laughing!
  • As I was nursing my 10 week old the morning of my second day back to work, I sat her up to burp her. A moment later spit-up shoots out of her all over the recliner and me. She just looked at me with her funny little grin. After I got her and me cleaned up, I started to finish nursing her and she poops so much she got it all up her backside and on her clothes. I think she was trying to make it easier to leave her for the day!
  • Oh the time I had a SEE THROUGH nursing scarf on...totally defeated the purpose, lol
  • In our sleep-deprived state, my husband used my expressed breast milk instead of half and half in his coffee. He wondered why it tasted so sweet!
  • Noticing at 2 pm that I've had two different earrings on. Whoops!
  • I was wearing my underwear backward all day!
  • I was in a store and ran into a friend I hadnt seen in a long time, pulled out my camera to show her pictures of the new baby and apparently our 5 yr old had played with my camera, because as we were scrolling through, there is 5 or 6 close up photos of our dogs butthole and vagina. I laughed and tried to scroll past it quickly and explained she likes to play with my camera but still worried friend secretly thinks we are into some kinky stuff lol 
  • I was peed, puked and pooped on with my first within a matter 0f 30 seconds!

  • I was with my 2 year old in a public restroom so I could use it. Since we are potty training he announced excitedly to the room "Yay Mommy you pee peed! Hooray!" I could hear gentle laughter all around me.
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  • I am a brand new mommy having my baby next week and I was at the doctors this week and I kept saying the work contraption and not contraction.  Just total Mommy Brain!!  Too me it sounded all normal.  I also used the appointment to educate my OB on Push Presents :-)  He had never heard of them!!!  I heard him in the hallway asking another doctor and that doctor could not believe he had never heard of that after practicing for so long.  Soon after the whole office staff was talking about Presents :-)  Poor guys in the waiting room!!  I thought it was funny but I don't think they did because their wives really liked the idea :-).
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  • My hilarious mommy moment happened at a public bathroom in Disney World where I took my toddler son into the bathroom with me. We were well into potty training so I didn't want to discourage the opportunity to go, and I also had to go myself. So my son eagerly used the potty and proudly looked down at his acheivement, then he took the opportunity to see if I could do the same. I was so oblivious to his observation that he quickly blurted out, "Mommy you don't do peepee, you only go poo poo because you have big butt!"....the laughter and giggles that erupted between the stalls was inevitable.
  • My 20m is very into Hockey and loves to talk but still struggles with some sounds. At a friends baby shower the other day when asked what his favourite thing about Christmas was and he replied I kid you not what sounded exactly like 'anal Christmas tree with dick'. It. Took a couple more tries for me to glean he meant the angels on the Christmas tree and his hickey stick ornament.
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