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Ugly sweater- maternity style

My husband's company is having an ugly sweater themed Christmas party. The ugliest sweater wins a 4-day pass. (He's in the Army) He's been gone in training for most of the holiday season and was deployed last Christmas so I really want to win!

Pinterest is not much help and I know some of you ladies are pretty crafty. Any ideas?? (I'm going alone since he'll still be gone so nothing TOO embarrassing) Any ideas are much appreciated!

Re: Ugly sweater- maternity style

  • Is there a link? I'm on mobile- for some reason I can't see anything!
  • @tunnel‌ that one does look awesome! Thank you :)

    @zebraleg4lunch‌ I never thought of that- Or even a snow globe! Thanks for the idea! Ps- you should definitely post a follow up picture when you make it
    [Deleted User]CoozieInMyPurse
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  • My family did this last weekend though I played the pregnant card and skipped - all I can say, just make sure you don't pick a really warm or thick sweater.  Gets too hot in a crowded room even when not pregnant.
  • I would bedazzle the hell out of an already ugly Christmas sweater!  If you can't find an ugly Christmas sweater in maternity sizes, you can just get an oversized version and it'll make it all the frumpier ;)

    Add garland around the neckline, jingly bells around the hem at your waist, giant jewels dotted all over, and do something ridiculous to your bump.  A big bow would be cool, especially if you can use wrapping ribbons and curl the ends.  You can attach things either with a glue gun or needle and thread depending on what you have in the house.

    I really want this ugly Christmas sweater I found online that's a picture of a knitted bear with deer antlers and underneath it says "BEER" but they didn't have maternity sizing :( I may just have to order it for next year though.

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