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Am I silly or not about this?


Re: Am I silly or not about this?

  • Oh for goodness sake. Really?

    *Grabs the popcorn*

    I think I may begin collecting hedgehogs though. Omg. Talk about adorbs.

  • On one hand, i'm tired of seeing the same drama over and over...bullies, and WK, and GBCB. But on the other hand, i really do get a kick out of ready the drama that unfolds...kinda like watching shows like Maury or Steve Wilkos lol

    i will say this to the OP...i get the feeling of not wanting to name your kid after a friends kid. I agree with PP that say it would depend on how good of friends they are and if your kids will be around each other. is there a variation of that name you could use instead? Like everyone keeps saying we should use Grace but i like Gracie b/c if flows better with our 1-syllable last name.

    also, i agree with PP...what's the name! Only then will we know how truly popular it is.

    this doesn't read as snarky as i wrote it...i'm having an off day i suppose


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  • Well if it is someone you talk to regularly compliment the name and add in the fact that you had chosen that one as well (maybe even add in when so they know it was before you heard about it from them). Problem solved.
  • Sooooo can we know the name ???? lol.
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