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Which travel system would you prefer - Chicco Bravo or Chicco Cortina?

I think I've narrowed it down to these two and would love your thoughts.  Thanks.

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Re: Which travel system would you prefer - Chicco Bravo or Chicco Cortina?

  • BMHaralson01  Thanks!  Have you found it easy to maneuver and fold?

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  • I had the Cortina and it worked well for us. The basket under the stroller is huge and I really missed that in later strollers. The travel system strollers do not fold up as easily and as small as a lot of other strollers, like the City Mini, so I ended up getting a different stroller once I stopped using it with the car seat. If I had to do it over again, I probably would've just gotten the City Mini with the attachment for the car seat or a snap and go until I was ready for a better stroller. The car seat that came with our Cortina system, had, I believe, a 25 pound weight limit so my son outgrew it really fast. For us, though, it was a gift, it served its purpose and I actually ended up selling it to a co-worker for a fair price for all of us but, like I said, in hindsight, I probably would've done it differently.
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  • I would get the Bravo.  It is not really a "travel system" stroller and will be more versitile.  The Cortina seems nice until you start using it.  The basket is big, but hard to get to, especially when the car seat is in the stroller.  It is bulky and full of plastic.
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    Neither. Get something like a city mini with the car seat adapter. Travel systems are a PITA
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  • I have the bravo and love it!! I have a 5 week old now and it's been easy to use! I have the seat out of the stroller right now since I'm using it with the car seat... And I love that the brakes have one control rather than having to go to each wheel just to put the brake on!
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