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  • Rubber duckies!
  • Luckily, my 11 month old loves bath time and pretty much always has. But I do give him a few bath toys and switch them out every few days to keep his interest. I also make sure to wash him up right away every bath time so he knows the routine.  
  • he loves his rubber duckie!
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    I give my 10 month old baby bath toys to play with, although he is content with a little bowl to dip in the water and use to splash around a little lol.
  • Make sure baby is warm enough, comfortable water and air temperature. Dry off baby quickly.

  • Still pregnant! But hopefully bath toys help a lot :) the bath tabs that change color sounds fun when they get older.
  • My baby likes to hold a second washcloth and chew on it, it keeps her happy.  She also is calmed by the running water sound.
  • I'm a pregnant FTM but I'm going to say play music!
  • I play the disney station on iTunes radio and give her lots of bubbles & toys. She hated it when she was a newborn, but LOVES it now! It's hard to get her out :)
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  • Put on some fun music
  • we play with bath bubbles and also sing song like ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT together
  • Laugh. Bath time for me is one of the most relaxing, stress free times I can have. I want my son to feel the same way. 
  • Lots of splashing and plenty of bath toys
  • Warm water, a bright colored toy, and I sing to them or hum. They dont need much, they love splashing in the water.
  • Splashing and bathtub books!

  • We have bath crayon that the baby can draw all over the bathtub with. We also have lots of bubbles and sometimes we'll play music.
  • Rubber Duckies!!! :)
  • Bath toys and splashing.
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  • Try to keep him entertained and get it done as quickly as possible!
  • Toys, toys, an toys
  • Bath toys, a soft washcloth, and 2 people! :x
  • My boys love the water just splashing
  • Tons of splashing & the magic echoes of a red solo cup lol
  • Sing songs, make sure there are lots of bubbles, and let her pick out bath toys.
  • lots of toys and bath activities
  • Congrats @bridgetlholmes on winning the OXO Tot Cleaning & Bath Prize Pack! We will be sending you an email with info on redeeming your prize :)
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