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Sigh…at least it’s not Monday?

Today’s prize: OXO Tot Cleaning & Bath Prize Pack (Bath Toy Bin, Tub Kneeling Mat, Tub Drain Stopper, Sit Right Potty, Cleaning Set for Straw & Sippy Cups, Bottle Drying Rack, Dishwasher Basket, Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner & Stand)


For a chance to win, reply below and answer the question:

How do you keep baby happy during bath time?

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  • Have my mom give the bath.
  • I'm still pregnant, but I plan on bathing our little one as quickly as possible and to entertain him/her with some bath toys!
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  • Just splashing in the water is enough to keep him happy during bathtime!
  • She loves bath toys and chewing on a washcloth 
  • We sing songs! Usually Old McDonald and Wheels on the Bus do the trick!
  • Lay a wet washcloth on her tummy
  • Play avett brothers and Mumford and sons for her to listen to.
  • Play with bath toys and splash around a bit :-)
  • Have my mom give her a bath and if she is not around toys for her to splash around with.

  • Still pregnant but I'm hoping one of us can entertain her while the other one bathes her? 
  • My DD loves her bubbles and her bath toys :)
  • By making it a game each time, something new to play with.
  • Let him splash regardless the mess, it can be messy but he enjoys it so much! I usually don't change into my pjs until after I give him a bath. I'm curious to see how bath time goes with baby number 2 due in a day!!
  • I put a wet washcloth on her belly, she loves bath time!
  • Some bath toys including rubber duckies! Happy boy!
  • Still preggers, but I am hoping the hubby will entertain while i bathe or vice versa! 
  • Let him play with a face cloyh
  • my son loves water. so bath time is easy. he watches the water come out of the nozzle and screams in excitement! I watch him, but he walks around the bath tub to explore. lol. he's a daré devil
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  • So many toys, and we rotate them in so they seem new! Or food coloring or bubbles!

  • Lots of bubbles & bath toys
  • I sing like I am auditioning for American Idol and the judge is very forgiving covered in bubbles...LOL
  • With the OXO Tot Cleaning & Bath Prize Pack of course! :)
  • First time pregnant! I imagine talking to her / singing or play music!
  • I'm still pregnant as well so it's impossible to know what will keep baby happy, but I've read many Moms really enjoy the time in the evening to wind down and wash their babies. All the advice from the other Moms sounds great!
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  • My Mom always sang :)


  • Splash around with toys and listen to music :)
  • He loves bath time so nothing special, maybe having his water toys near him to play with in the water...
  • I like to sing fun bath songs and get baby involved as much as possible, like splashing the water. 
  • Nice warm water and soothing songs
  • I'm due in February with out first, so nothing yet! I imagine some songs & bath toys :)
  • Have some toys for him and try to give him a bath quick and easy.
  • I'm still pregnant, but I plan on just trying to make it fun with toys, songs, and playing in the water.
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  • My daughter like bubble bath with toys!

  • Plan on singing silly songs!
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  • Singing and talking. He loves bath time!
  • My 2 year old likes to poor water from one cup to another and spill everywhere. My 4 month old likes to splash with her feet
  • Still pregnant, but I will try and make it fast. 

  • My LO isn't here yet, but I would think that music and bath toys would help quite a bit.
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