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Hi Ladies, I'm moving to Austin at the end of the month (at 17 weeks) and am having a hard time finding yoga spots online. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm moving into the Rosedale neighborhood a little north of downtown. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have a wonderful personal trainer right now that I wish I could clone and bring with me. She's the same age (early 30) holds most workouts outdoors and chit chats the whole session so it's more fun and relaxed than drill sergeant. If you know of anyone, I'd love a recommendation.

Thank you!!!!! 


  • I've gone to Mind Body Yoga and it was ok. I went when I was still in my first trimester so it wasn't prenatal yoga, but they said they do cater to pregnant women.  I'm planning on going back and I'm 22 weeks now.  I've only been able to find one other place that is specifically for prenatal yoga, Austin Prenatal Yoga.  Unfortunately, I can't make any of their class times work with my schedule.

    Hopefully you like it here in Austin.  It's a great city to be in!
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  • I've just started going to Yoga Yoga's prenatal yoga classes that they hold at their Westgate location, and I have so far liked the one instructor I've had.  Plus, the other classmates were great in giving me advice or just welcoming me, as I am the least far along at 18 weeks. 

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  • I live in Taylor and work in Round Rock, does anyone know of prenatal yoga near me?  I am certainly glad to see there is something, so if not, I'll check out the places you've already suggested.
  • I second the recommendation for yoga yoga's prenatal classes. I have only attended classes at the location south by central market, but they have locations all over. There is one north of you on Anderson lane near Burnet.
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