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Recommend asthma maintenance medicine for toddler

My daughter is 2.5 years old and has asthma.  She was hospitalized back earlier in the year and that's when we learned she had asthma.  So far it seems to be seasonal and flairs up when the weather changes drastically from warm to cold.  She uses a nebulizer during flairs and up until recently was using Albuterol.  It was making her very hyper though so I asked her doctor if she could switch to something else.  They put her on Xponex which seems so much better and doesn't have the terrible side effects that made her loopy and hyper.

Since she has now had three flair ups in the past two months, her doctor has recommended she be on a maintenance drug.  She prescribed her Singulair, but I haven't given it to her yet because I started googling it and am scared of the possible side effects.  She's only 2 and I definitely don't want her having strange hallucinations, depression, or thoughts of suicide.  I want to ask her doctor for another alternative with less side effects.  For those of you with young children who have asthma, can you recommend another maintenance drug instead that has worked for your kids?

Re: Recommend asthma maintenance medicine for toddler

  • My almost 5 yo takes Flovent everyday.

    Like pp said, let your dr know you'd like to know what the other options are, and let them know your concerns.
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  • My son was on flovent daily up from your kiddo's age until about 6 months ago (my siggy won't update, he is now 6 years old). Ditto on talking to the doc about concerns and options. I didn't care for singular but i know it works well for others. 
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  • I have asthma and so does my DD. I don't have a problem with my DD being on singular. But she is only on it when she starts having asthma issues. Singular didnt help much unless she was sick.
    We do allergy meds and I deep clean once a week. I vacuum each area twice and I vacuum daily. Our vacuum has a HEPA filter to help. We have a cat and she gets bathed up to twice a month. That's what I do as our preventative measures. My DD doesn't have half the issues she previously had. Also we will soon be getting an air purifier soon.

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  • It is worth getting evaluated by a pediatric asthma/allergy specialist, if possible, because every kid is different and they can help you develop a plan.  My DD takes Flovent for maintenance and has been on it since about 18 mths.  Her asthma tends to be triggered by colds and we usually end up increasing the Flovent in the winter and decreasing it a bit in the summer.  When she's having flare ups she gets albuterol in addition.
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