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  • Kaelynn91Kaelynn91
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    My first one was rough. I'm not going to lie. I really wanted to go all natural, but that isn't how it worked out. I checked into the hospital at 6cms dilated. I got to a 7 pretty fast. I thought everything was going well, but then I failed to make any further progress. My daughter was in the posterior position and it made everything incredibly slow. After almost 27 hours without progress I gave in and got an epidural. I was exhausted and the back pain was too much to bear. After that I progressed pretty quickly, but the epidural made me too numb to push. It took 3 hours of pushing until the doctor stepped in and assisted with a vacuum. My daughter was born with all of the skin torn off of the top of her head and she was in distress. I was in pretty bad shape myself...  In the end we were both fine, but I was disappointed in my birth. However, I did get my dream natural birth with my second daughter so that made up for it!

    Honestly, you never know how your birth will go. You could have a low pain, quick labor or you could go for a marathon birth. There is no telling until you are in the middle of it! Just relax and do your best!   

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  • jteix1jteix1
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    For my first child it was all natural and I loved it! Not the pain but the experience as a whole. I think I was in labor for 6 hours before I realized it and went to the hospital. While I was home during the six hours I kept getting back pains and thought it was just regular back pains lol. I ended up in my bath tub which I think help me a lot. By the time I reached the hospital my son was ready. I walked in they had me change. They also told me there was no way as a first time mom I was in deep labor because it was only six hours of pain at home. They made me get on the bed and when I was being checked the doctor said OH MY I see the baby head! Long story short I didn't have time for meds at that point so I went all natural. After it was amazing I was able to get up and walk and enjoy my new baby. I actually had meds for my next ones and I still feel this aching pain in my back where the shot was injected. My grandmother always told me the shot could give you pain for life (she was right).Try to go NATURAL it pays off at the end :-)
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  • aliskaaliska
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    I woke up with back pain at 3am. Labor was slow and easy at the beginning. I was GBS+, so we went into the birth center a little after noon for a saline lock and antibiotics. I joked that the midwife put pitocin in the IV because things picked up after that. We went home for the afternoon. I spent a lot of time in the shower, and my friend and DH made a rice sock and heated it in the microwave. At 5:00 the contractions were long and close together, so we went back to the birth center. After they checked me, they filled the tub while I went back to the shower. I got in the tub and started pushing at 6:00, and she was born at 6:45. It was all pretty tolerable until the last 2 hours. I remember thinking on the drive over that if I had to do this for 5 more hours, that would be too much...but I was probably in transition.

    Edit: After the birth, I only needed a few stitches and was able to shower myself. We went home that night, and I was able to sleep in my own bed. The only soreness I had was my knee from pushing against the tub.

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  • I did not do it naturally. I had been on bedrest for 4 weeks (it was not week 37). I woke up feeling other way to describe. I told husband I need to do to doc. As soon as I got the the doctor I lost my mucous plug in the rest room (Eww). So I was immediately admitted. They determined that my water was leaking and things got a bit scary. I was scared because I did not even know it broke. I just went to the bathroom as usual. Anyway, because of this they needed to administer pitocin to get things moving. They gave me epidural quickly so I truly did not feel much pain at all. I say the hardest part was when the nurse was massaging my perineuem to stretch it. That was a bit uncomfortable and very embarrasing but in the end I did not tear at all so it was totally worth it. I started pushing at 4pm and my little one came out at 5. She needed surfactant right away and they took her for about an hour. Thats when the epidural started wearing off, and the afterbirth was pretty painful - and I was worried about my girl. In the end she was fine except for high bilirubin - she had to stay under special light for about a week. Now she's 10 and perfect:)
  • Shoot. I thought I was in the Pregnant over 35 board. Sorry to post unnatural birth in the Natural Birth board. Ouch. I'm an idiot. Please forgive me.
  • I tried to go natural. It did not turn out that way. Sorry if this is wrong to this website. I really want to share story as a first time mom. I started back labor at 1 am on july 17th 2017. Got in tub and nothing helped. Around 5 am woke hubby up and called doctor. Went in to hospital and got there around 6 am. Pain was bearable but contractions were only minutes apart. However, I was only around 3 cm. They hooked me to a machine to check contractions. They put these things on belly to monitor baby heart rate and etc. It was after 8 am when doctor came in. That was when they finally told me about baby heart rate dropping with every contraction. They kept moving the baby heart monitor around cause she kept moving around. She had started out heading to be born but would not sit still. Go figure. They moved me and the bed repeatedly to try and find place where baby heart rate did not drop with every contraction. The whole time i am freaking out and trying to calm myself. About 10 am i was at 5 cm. I wanted the epidural as i could not take the pain. I tried but i failed to go without. They checked my dilation every half hour or so. I was using breathing mask to get through contractions. My husbands hand was about broken he said. Baby heart rate still dropped with every contraction so they decided to break my water. Which there was very little of. Then they put these things on baby head while she was still inside me. They monitored her heart rate more directly. They had long cords attached to them. Well about 20 minutes later here comes doctor. I am scared for baby and pains getting bad. The things they put in on babys head hurt going in. Not trying to complain but it was all starting to wear me down. Especially being afraid for my daughter and her heart rate. They pull out the things they had put in and catheterize me. Still no epidural. They could not even give meds to induce labor because of her heart rate dropping. Doctor says baby cant handle labor so you have to get emergency c section. Within 15 minutes they got the room ready and i am prepped to go in. About 11:00 am they took me back. Finally got numbed. Felt nothing but my neck lol. Was little upst as doctor promised my husband could be with me and even gowned him up. She got baby out and then let him come in. It was terrifying as i never had surgery and was awake. I could feel her cutting in sense of skin moving but no pain. I was terrified more than anything for my daughter. I felt myself breathe when they pulled her out at 11:30 and she cried. My husband came in and got her. She weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. Healthy just tiny lol. She had somehow gotten sideways and cord was wrapped around her stomach. Sounds crazy but its all true. Was scheduled for c section the 19th because doctor didnt want me past 41 weeks. Whole time she said baby was healthy but small. She never said but i think she was concerned. Anyway that is my story. 
  • My first time was a dream experience! I was only in labor for about 4 hours and only ended up dilating to about 8 cm instead of 10 so I did tear some. I went in with my mind set that I would be going all natural, and even though the nurses kept offering me meds and an epidural I refused everything. My water never even broke and the doctor didn't make it in the room until about 30 minutes after my son was born. I pushed ONE time and my son flew out still enclosed in the amniotic sac completely filled with fluid! The nurse was screaming bloody murder and ran over to rip the sac open. I kept telling her I was ready to push because of all the pressure I felt. She just kept saying I was so young and eager and it wasn't time yet. She said she could see the amniotic sac protruding and suggested I push to break my water, thankfully that one push was all it took for me to deliver. I was so focused on finally getting to meet my son that I didn't feel any pain throughout the experience.

    Now I'm expecting my second child and I have no expectations this delivery will be as easy as the first!
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