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  • Homemade sweet potatoes with cinnamon. Baby loves them!!
  • We mostly breastfeed right now. The only good we've had luck with is bananas so far. So that's our go to.
  • Little girl is due in March and I will breastfeed her. Once we start on baby foods, if she's anything like her Dad she will love bananas.
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  • Avacado, banana or sweet potato. Loves all three!
  • Anything! She gobbled up brussels sprouts last night.
  • No idea yet. 

  • Grape halves and cheerios are my DD's favorites :)
  • Formula for now... Starting solids soon
  • Breastmilk
  • breastmilk/ sweet potatoes
  • mac and cheese with butter. my son was diagnosed as failure to thrive. so he has to eat a high fat diet. so everything is with butter or really fattening. and 2 pediasures a day. it's working. he's already gained a pound and he can stand a little bit
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  • believe it or not, MANGOS! my 18 month old loooves mangos :)
  • My little guy is always in the mood for yogurt. Plain, with fruit, whatever, he loves it!
  • Still pregnant, but will be breastmilk! Then I can't wait to use my vitamix to make homemade baby food!
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Sweet Potatoes and Avocado for baby #1 she loves bananas, cherry tomatoes and grapes now as a toddler
  • We are still in the breastmilk phase, but love all OXO products!
  • Breast Milk right now.  I will be starting solids in a few weeks.  My first one LOVED yellow squash so even though it was time consuming to make we did that fairly often.
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  • My first baby is due in February so in the beginning, breast milk. I hope to make her food after that.
  • Our daughter loves Annies cheddar bunnies, cheerios, cheese, and any kind of fresh fruit!
  • Milk but about to start food!
  • My little man is just about to start on solids so this would be ideal timing!
  • Sweet Potatoes are always a favorite!
  • Any fruit-my son's favorites are berries and pears!
  • mickey shaped chicken nuggets or pasta! she loooooves pasta!
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  • Breast milk for now..
  • Peas! My daughter loves peas and will always eat them. This momma is so happy that her daughter loves her veggies :)
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  • Applesauce.
    Pretty sure my lil guy would eat dog poop as long as it had applesauce on it! :)
  • Still pregnant , but if I would have to chose I would say bananas, squash, green been. 
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