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LOs eyes are still very light blue at 7m

I wonder if they will stay this color... I haven't seen much change in them since she was born, other than they might have lightened up some.

anyone have a light blue eyed LO at seven months, who's eyes changed?



Re: LOs eyes are still very light blue at 7m

  • My DS's eyes were blue until about 10 mos or so. Now they are greenish grey.
  • My 9 month old still has blue eyes.
  • I've heard that they can change up to a year old, but I assume that's the time or whatever not the actual color.
    My LO has blue, I have blue and my husband has a dark green. My LO (who is 6mths) has dark blue and mine are light blue so I keep wondering if his will switch. I'm starting to doubt it because they are getting brighter.

    My cousins changed from blue to green at about a year, but their blue shade was dark and kind of questionable.
    What color are your husbands? I would think since they're a light shade of blue they will definitely stay blue.
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    Hubby's are hazelish/green, mine are green, but all four grandparents have blue eyes! I'm thinking seeing as hers are such a light bkue, they might stay blue. I hope they just stay SOME kind of color, her hair is a pretty strawberry blonde and it looks so beautiful with her colored eyes!


  • Yes, my first DD had clear blue eyes till about 9m old and then almost overnight they turned green. It can absolutely happen at this age.
  • Ds eyes are still blue. But his father's are as well so I'm banking on that will be his eye color.

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