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I totally win wife of the year

DH wanted to go see Alan Jackson back in August (his 2nd favorite singer) as it was two days before his 30th birthday. But we didn't have the money for tickets or the 3 hr drive and it was a Thursday.

I happened to notice that he is coming to my state, only 1.5hrs away, the end of January. Since DH worked triple time for the Thanksgiving storm, we have a bit of a cushion. Without a second though, I purchased two tickets (not the worst seats but next ones up) and two nights at a hotel. Our anniversary is early January and we didn't get to do anything at all for it last year. So I'm considering this a combo Christmas/anniversary. The only thing he knows is that I dropped a lot of money on him for Christmas and he isn't to buy me a gift because of it.

He's going to be so excited when he opens his gift on Christmas. I'm planning on sticking the tickets in with a new (very heavy) Bible I got free in exchange for reviewing on my blog (his Bible is very old so I was going to buy him this one anyway so bonus that I got it free). Sticking it all in box within a big box and being all sneaky like that. lol

This is after I not only successfully planned a surprise birthday party for him but I also did a video of his friends sharing their favorite and funniest memories of him to show at his party.

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