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Is anyone already buying things? I haven't started yet and didn't want to until after we find out the sex. Am I waiting too long?

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  • I sure have!!! I made a few cheeky purchases when I saw a sale online for some cute onesies when i was only 8 weeks. I know i know, much too early but oh wells it was 70% off! 12+4 now and I'm planning the nursery and will start buying some big ticket items in another month. As for more baby clothes, I will probably wait til anatomy scan like you. Oh and i bought maternity pants and skirt if that counts.

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  • I just bought a cute sweater because it was on sale and they didn't have any in DD's size.

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  • I am 14 weeks and I bought the stroller yesterday and might buy the furniture set today. I had them picked out awhile ago, but they are on sale so I figured I should get them now. I want the big stuff to be gender neutral any way so I can use them again down the road. Plus, it will be easier if I space the big purchases out (since I've never been able to keep much of a savings account). I'll probably wait to get little things like cloth diapers and clothes until after the anatomy scan. 
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  • I've bought a few things, the biggest being a Graco swing/bouncer my mom actually bought at a consignment shop and the glider/rocker MIL bought us.  She's also buying us our travel system and Babies R Us has a good deal on the one I want right now, so I may order it.  A few silly onesies here and there (I got DH a "My dad can eat more bacon than yours can" onesie for our dating anniversary last month) and I did get the big pack of diapers on sale at Toys R Us on Black Friday.
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  • I haven't picked up anything at all (13 w 6d) and I do not feel at all like I am waiting too long. We are team green so sex of the baby is not why I am waiting, I guess I just feel like I have time and honestly I am still waiting for the return of my energy!
  • I've been eyeing a new wrap for weeks but can't justify buying much until my first trimester is over ;)
  • I didn't but anything for DD until after my showers.... But, I got a lot of gently used items gifted to us from my sisters so we didn't need to buy a crib, changing table, swing, bouncer, bumbo, glider, or mattress. If you find a great deal on the things you want, I say, grab them!
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  • I've been putting a few things in my amazon cart to save for later. And window shopping. But I never buy anything until after the anatomy scan. I'm not a gender neutral kinda person. Lol
  • I bought a Red Wings onesie for FI  the week we found out (we need to get one more for baby B I guess)

    Other than that....

    We bought our stroller on Black Friday. Albee baby had the Baby Jogger City Select Double for under $450, which is less than it goes for on Craigslist, so we scooped it up.

    We also found some adorable elephant stuffed animals at IKEA and grabbed those since we are doing the nursery in gray and white. The twins future room is empty right now, and the elephants are the only thing in there, they make me smile every time I walk by :)

    We probably wont buy anything else for a while, unless we see a great deal on their car seats.
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  • I was just looking at my pregnancy journal from my last pregnancy, and I made my first purchase at 14 weeks. I bought the boon naked bath tub--most exciting thing ever. Such a great day, I'm glad I wrote it all down. I haven't written down anything in a journal this time, I suck :(

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  • We have everything from my DD's baby years so all I've bought are a bunch of maternity clothes because I'm a sea cow.

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  • You're not waiting too long.  It's fine to wait until later.  I don't think we even registered before 26 weeks last go around, and didn't buy anything before my shower, so we could use the registry completion discount.  There's a lot of sitting around and waiting 3rd trimester, so no hurry, you're fine!
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  • I'm waiting until spring... We need work done around the house and the less stuff we have to move around/cover up/drag to the basement, the better. We're also getting some hand me down furniture so no rush really.

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  • We bought a crib and have received some "congrats" gifts. I did start working on a registry (I am an over-planner), but DH and I are terrible about saving money so after the holidays I will start picking up some things here and there as they are on sale. I found the posts on here regarding what you really need vs. what you don't to be really helpful and am using that to keep myself on track and in check.

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