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How to tell the fam?

okay so Friday I'm going down to see my family and we all love to drink. My sister has asked me to drink with her and that could one on one time or with all the fam. I was really wanting to wait till Christmas but she will know if I don't drink. I already told her yes so she won't be suspiscus. Should I tell her and ask her to keep it secret or anyone have any good ideas of how to get out of this??? She won't believe me if I'm dieting and pretending to be sick would probably just make her more suspiscus.
PS of subject but my house is next to a dog food company and that is the worst possible thing to smell while pregnant

Re: How to tell the fam?

  • I can't really answer your question, not knowing your family dynamic, but I would tell the family when I saw them.

    I found out right before I flew to visit family for Thanksgiving.  So I told them right away because 1. I don't see them in person that often and 2. they would suspect something if I passed up wine at Thanksgiving.

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  • Our family dynamic is close. I talk to my sisters everyday. And my sister is probably going to want to get drinks from the store and bring them home and drink. It being just us it would be hard to fake it
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    Over the weekend it was hard. Friends were definately suspicious when I ordered a coke at a bar. The next night to throw them off I faked drinking.  H was with me and would steal a sip from my glass every now and then. I hope they bought it! We weren't planning on telling friends until after Christmas. Good luck! I would just tell your sister if I were you. :)

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  • I engaged in fake drinking at Thanksgiving dinner like a champ.

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  • Another for fake drinking or saying you are on medicine. If you can fake a cough you can tell her you took some cough medicine with codeine in it. With DD we used fake drinking, but I am coming off bronchitis and may try the cough syrup excuse this weekend.
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