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Are there any other women on here with pcos? I have been diagnosed with pcos for 10 years. I recently went off all pcos medication after losing weight. I have never had issues with irregular cycles or ovulation. I have read the risks of miscarriage are higher with pcos and I'm just curious if there are other women in the same situation.

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  • I was diagnosed with PCOS after I had several cysts rupture and cause a lot of pain, but I've always had a normal cycle (except in PP months/breast feeding). I'm very fortunate in my husband and I have had no trouble getting pregnant, so I don't know if PCOS has affected my fertility or if we just got lucky. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!
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  • Thank you! I know I'm not alone either way as I think we all fear miscarriage in the first trimester.
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  • I have PCOS and we got preg after 11 months with meds (3rd clomid/met cycle, but met since well before we started). if I'm being honest im petrified of miscarrying this time around bc of the PCOS and bc of how long it took. But I know several friends that have been in the same spot and had success and no mc.

    Always here for an ear and to worry together :x
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  • Thanks @souzq11‌ that means a lot!
  • I have had Pcos for the last 15 years took a long time to get pregnant with #1 have planned all kids close together as doctor said that was the best time for higher fertility have had 1 missed miscarriage in between #1 and #2 but also have 3 healthy boys 
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  • I have pcos and was able to conceive on my own the first time, but miscarried. The next two times I got pregnant on first cycles of clomid and metformin. And had one mmc and a healthy 4 year old. This time we did Ivf after trying for 3 years now.

  • I have IR PCOS, and my RE is having me stay on metformin for now.
  • I just got Dx with PCOS in September. Before that, I was "annovulatory." I conceived our daughter on the 2nd round of clomid. I had a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy daughter. 
    After 4 failed rounds over this past year, I saw an RE (long overdue!!). He did the PCOS panel and gave me the diagnosis. I was started on metformin in September. Less than 2 months later, a surprise BFP. We were planning on starting a letrozole/ovidrel + TI this next cycle. 

    I've read that losing weight/metformin/eating a well-rounded diet can really lessen PCOS symptoms and reduce the chance of miscarriage. 
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