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NTTGPR: Christmas Tree Lights Poll

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For those who put up christmas trees or just lights, what kind do you prefer? I am strictly a solid white lights gal, because I don't want them to detract from the ornaments. I wonder what is most popular?

NTTGPR: Christmas Tree Lights Poll 187 votes

Solid white
45% 85 votes
Blinking white
2% 4 votes
Solid Multicolor
25% 47 votes
Blinking multicolor
3% 7 votes
Whatever I'm in the mood for each year
11% 21 votes
Those fancy lights that go from solid to blinking to fading, etc.
5% 10 votes
6% 13 votes


Re: NTTGPR: Christmas Tree Lights Poll

  • I absolutely love the multi-color big bulb ones. I would prefer to put those on my house than my tree, though.
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  • I prefer the solid white
  • It is all about the color.
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  • I only do white, I HATE color lights on the tree. I feel like it looks too busy. We have the lights that slowly fade in & out. I don't like blinking because again, too busy.
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  • smash928smash928
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    We have a little music box you connect the lights to and it plays Christmas songs and the lights blink in unison. We've had that thing for YEARS, and now that I host I have to use it, like my family would disown me if I don't. It's tradition! When it's just DH and I, it's solid clear lights.

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  • SS: Ours has solid white, clear white, and blue this year!
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  • I prefer the small white ones so the ornaments are the focus, but DH is adamant about big multi color bulbs. And since he usually decorates the tree while I "help" (aka drink brandy and egg nog and sing Christmas carols while half-assedly putting an ornament on here and there), he has won this debate every year for 10 years.
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  • I do both solid white and blinking white. I don't like all blinking bc then there are dark spots I put a bunch of solid throughout the entire tree as the main lights and then put on a couple strands of blinking.

    I hate the strands that have a ton of colors. I don't mind the ones that only have two or maybe three colors for outside. Like red, green, and blue or blue and white.

    I also only like the small bulbs. The big ones look gaudy.
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  • Growing up it was colored lights all the way. Now, we have solid white. We are putting white outside.

    Once kids are involved we will switch back to exterior and interior colored lights. I found plain white so boring when I was a kid.

    Blinking lights would give me a damn seizure.
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  • We usually do solid white so that it doesn't detract from my ornament color scheme, but I have had multicolored in the past.
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  • All the color. I use the big old fashioned color lights on our small tree and regular colored lights on our big tree. I also have to either search for the old-school mini lights, or I have to get the soft LED ones. The straight up LED colored lights are waaaaay too blue-ish for my tastes. I like the warmth. Outside colored lights too. It just looks so festive.

    I also in no way 'theme' my trees. We have a few cheap filler ornaments (I get rid of some every year as we collect more), but I like to use ones that H and I collect over the years, plus some from my mom and my grandmother.

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  • Joy2611 said:
    I have twinkling white lights and blue lights. The effect gives more of a "white Christmas" with my white wnd blue ornaments. This year I might switch it up to red lights and candy canes.
    The color combo of white and blue came up this weekend. Someone said how Christmas-y it felt and I started laughing. Blue and white (or silver) is all Hanukah to me.
    Yeah, I think Hanukkah when I see blue and white/silver lights too!
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  • I have white lights as we bought a pre-lit tree a few years ago, but I love multi color or doing white with one other color. My mom used to do white with purple and it was always so pretty.


  • We bought a pre-lit tree from Costco that let's us choose all of the above! White, color, different blinking rates or solid on. I love it!

    I chose SS because I have a pre-lit white light tree, and I put big and small, multi colour and white all over my pre-lit tree. I think my tree is awesome and more lights the better. I love the shaped lights too, like snow men, tardises and little yoda heads. 

    Tasteful is not a word to describe my tree. 


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  • Salsera29Salsera29
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    My mom has the multi-function blinking colored lights. I like them for the time I'm at her house but I could never look at them all day every day.

  • I do red and white.
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  • We have solid multi colored and solid red. We change it up year to year depending on what we feel. This year multi won :)
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  • White solid on the tree, blinky whites in indoor decorations (dh hates I love!), multicolor solid on bushes/porch, etc outside.  I'm a free for all!

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  • I like white solid or white blinky lights on trees. I'm not a huge fan of multi colored lights really but I love icicle lights the most outside!

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  • Solid white but it has to be WARM white which is kind of yellow.

    I HATE blinking lights.



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  • We live in an apt, so no outside lights for us :(

    On our tree we have red and white lights. No blinking.
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  • Solid, multi-colored lights on a white tree = gorgeous, in my opinion. But I prefer multicolored lights all around.
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  • Solid multicolor lights on the tree, with lots of silver ornaments. Solid multicolor lights on the roof, and solid white wrapped around the pillars on the porch.

    What can I say; I love all the pretty colors!
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  • londonlea04londonlea04
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    The tree is mainly white lights, but I do add 1 strand of the special multi color that blink/flash. Outside we have clear red and clear.

    I have so many ornaments on my tree that you cant really even see the multi color strand.
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