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Tips for anemia!????

I have been told I am anemic and I HATE taking those iron pills. They make me sick and leave me constipated. I'm eating spinach like Popeye and wondering if anything else helps???

Re: Tips for anemia!????

  • I have mild anemia too and had to take iron pills during my pregnancy with DD. I know it sucks but you really need to take your iron pills. Low iron can really effect your health and could be potentially dangerous for your baby. Talk to your doctor and see if maybe they can give you a prenatal with increased iron (that's what they did for me). They may be easier on your stomach and bowels. Also try increasing your fiber. 
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  • They make a gentler iron supplement for the GI tract- I believe it's a slow release kind of deal. Talk to your doctor about that option.

    Tips that help when taking iron supplements: Take them on a full stomach (do your best, I know you're probably nauseous anyway), and make sure to eat plenty of fiber, including supplements (I find the fiber gummies are the most tolerable when nauseous, start at 2-4mg for a few days before increasing... Don't take more than 8mg in supplement form without consulting a doctor).

    Hope that helps. Anemia sucks, I'm sorry that you're having to deal with it.
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    I have your answer right here. The only non constipation form of iron supplementation is the type called of Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate.

    I have struggled with anemia for months and tried every form, nothing has improved my Ferritin (iron stores) levels and given me my stamina back like this.

    It's pretty inexpensive, you can find it at The Vitamin Shoppe and Whole foods.
    I take 25-30mg with lemon water or a vitamin c capsule. Don't take it within 2 hours of dairy products, as the calcium will inhibit (block) absorption of the iron.

    Enjoy!! Promise you, no constipation.
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