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Trying to Get Pregnant

Hi! Intro and Question about Basal Thermometers

I'm new to TTC. I got on here early last year just looking at popular names, but now I'm actually about to try and get pregnant! I've wanted a baby for awhile but my FI decided that he's ready too. I'm super excited. 
 I'm going to get prenatal vitamins, a basal thermometer to start charting, and pre-seed, am I missing anything? I searched for the best basal thermometer on here but most of the results were from 2011, I'm wondering if the ones from Walmart or CVS are still the best? If not, which one would you recommend?

Re: Hi! Intro and Question about Basal Thermometers

  • I definitely recommend a basal therm with 2 decimal spots. Mabis is the favorite here, about $10 on Amazon. Welcome and good luck!
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  • I also have a regular CVS thermometer and a CVS basal body thermometer. I saw shifts with both but the regular CVS thermometer was a bit more eradic (sometimes reading would change .9 degrees from first pull to second pull just seconds later) so I would at times have to guess or average out the results. I would recommend the CVS basal body thermometer though, so far it seems to be less eradic and it doesn't seem to have favorite temperatures.
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  • Thank you guys so much! I was worried it was a stupid question. 

  • I have the one from target. It seems to get the job done.
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  • I also use a regular thermometer (bc I decided to start temping last minute and didn't want to wait for one to come in the mail lol) and I've been able to see a shift.

    I also recommend opks. Combining those with temping really helps narrow things down. Temping tells you after you've ovulated but opks can tell you when you might be gearing up to ovulate.

    Good luck!

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  • I have one from Walgreens and also a Mabis. They are pretty much identical and give good results. If @bibliothecary‌ were here, she'd be sure to mention that vaginal temping is best, and I agree!
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  • Welcome. Sounds like you're good to go. If you're interested in some extras, a lot of us have read Taking Charge of your Fertility. It's a good reference book. If you want to use OPKs, Wondfos on Amazon are used a lot around here. It could t's hurt to use them for a couple of months until FF gets enough info to predict when you're probably going to ovulate. Good luck!
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  • Welcome! Are you planning to use an app for charting? The most commonly used and highly recommended one around here is Fertility Friend. 
    Yes, I'm going to use Fertility Friend. Does it stop working right after the 30 days if you don't pay for it? I'd really like to not pay for it, it seems expensive. 

  • Thank you guys so much! I was worried it was a stupid question. 
    Nah. A stupid question would be asking us if you're pregnant. :D
    Because you had a dream and got a fortune cookie that predicted it. =))
    I know I'm not unfortunately! I still have my implant in until next week. 

  • I have the one from target. It seems to get the job done.

    I have the BBT from Target, too. I've heard it does tend to favor the same readings but I've only had duplicate readings a couple of times with other temperature results charted on days in between those readings.
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  • Hi there! I also use the Mabis from Amazon. Welcome and best of luck to you!
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  • I was going to ask this exact same question the other day, and choose to go with mabis anyway! I really wanted the memory recall and beep when done features.

  • Welcome and good luck!


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