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Insomnia Anyone? (And rant)

I just hit the 5 week mark yesterday, but for the past 3 nights I've had difficulty falling and staying asleep. I slept about 2 hours tonight (I've been up since 2). I'm also starting to get extremely irritated with everything DH does. He is a super sweet and wonderful man, but for the last 10 days or so, everything he does irritates me. I was laying in bed this morning holding up the blanket as a makeshift wall between us so that I didn't have to feel his breath on me. My arm started getting tired, so I cried for a bit. If I go in the living room, he'll come out to check on me and I might very well flip out on him. He just turned and his arm touched me. /sigh... My youngest is 11, it's been a while, I remember nothing from the 1st few months. Is anyone else experiencing this stuff?

Re: Insomnia Anyone? (And rant)

  • I'm not really moody, but I do have the insomnia. I think it can occur with hormone changes. I'm having issues falling asleep, and when I finally do.. I wake through the night and struggle to fall back down.
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  • I'm similar to @MarathonHiker - I haven't really had any moodiness yet but I am waking up a lot more often at night.  I wear a FitBit to track my sleep and the past week has had a lot more restlessness than usual.  I think the fact that my mind is racing with the news has also impacted my ability to fall back to sleep.  
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  • I'm also having issues with sleeping, but that's nothing new for me. I have always taken melatonin to help stay asleep but I read that's not safe during pregnancy, so I stopped and didn't sleep well at all for a few night. Now I've been taking Benadryl, not sure if I can't take that all the time, but I need something.
  • I hope we all start sleeping soon! I have my 1st appt on Tuesday. I'll ask my doc about things to help me sleep. As for my DH, I'm not really moody with anyone else. It's just DH and I don't think I've been moody toward him, at least I'm trying to internalize otI don't think he has a clue how much he's annoying me. Maybe it's him and I'm not some crazy pregnant lady this early on? lol
  • Yes to the insomnia. I've been waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 every morning and can't go back to sleep. 
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  • @ABvintage‌ - I hope our hormones calm down sooner rather than later and our husbands are extremely understanding until that time. [-O<
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  • I'm passing out so early, like 830 but then I'm up at 4 or 5 and can't fall back asleep!


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  • I'm tired as all get out and feel like I could sleep all day an night... My problem is just falling asleep. I'm tired but wired?!? I don't know how else to explain it.
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  • For the last two weeks I have had insomnia, I hope this passes soon. My lack of sleep has made me very moody. I'm scared that I'm going to snap on someone at work. :(. I hope that I get my sleep back (I would be happy with 6 hours)
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