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NBR: adult group games suggestions

Hi there! Tonight I was at a friends's place and we played Cards Against Humanity. It was hilarious! Does anyone have suggestions for adult group games like that? Thinking ahead to our Christmas Party and looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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Re: NBR: adult group games suggestions

  • Just checked it out online and its pretty funny. Sounds like something my non PC family would love to play.
    Not really in the same theme but we've been getting into Settlers of Catan. More nerdy type game but heaps of fun.

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  • My friends just introduced me to Heads Up! It's an app on your phone - like headbands meets charades meets "make a fool of yourself" - it's a free app and we had a great time :) I also love Apples to Apples -- it can get very innappropriate depending on the cards - but it's not as offensive as cards against humanity!
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  • We play a lot of charades.  We also play a game called Pit.  It's not adult themed in any way, but it sure is fun.  (You get to trade "commodities" (cards) as if you were on the stock market floor.  When you get all the cards and "corner the market," you ring the bell and win.  The fun part is that everyone in your group is yelling out potential trades at once, so it's very noisy and confusing--I'm probably not selling it very well, but I promise it's great fun.) 
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  • We always play CAH - we have all the expansion packs! We also have Would You Rather, but it doesn't get played anywhere near as often as CAH.
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  • We get drunk and play bingo with m&ms as markers- if you do this, invest in LOTS of m&ms. Drunk people get hungry.

    The prizes are all terrible. Pens, half a toilet paper roll, old romance novels, etc. Basically, random junk you found around the house, wrapped in tin foil or newspaper.

    It's not a game for fancy parties but it's a hell of a lot of fun during a laid back, sitting around, watching football kind of party. :)
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  • We love playing CAH with groups of friends! Played it with my in-laws once... boy that was eye opening!

    A friend mentioned the game "Things" to me recently, but I've not played it so can't comment. I also enjoy the traditional board games - played Monopoly with my family after Thanksgiving dinner and had a great time!
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  • Apples to apples is fun. We also love to play Trivial Pursuit.
  • Lurking from July '15.  Balderdash is another good one.

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