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Implantation spotting

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Re: Implantation spotting

  • LandJ8187 said:
    Hello lovelies, Question. 2 days ago I had really bad cramps early in the morning. Lasted 5 minutes and went back to sleep. Then last night I went to the bathroom and had 2very small spots of blood. Not like pre AF spotting, more red like if you scratch your face and blot it with a tissue. Could that be implantation bleeding if it was 2 days after the cramps or does it happen soon after? Cramps at 5dpo, spotting at 7dpo. Any advice would be great!
    Likely not. Any symptoms that early are almost certainly not pregnancy related. The only way to know if it's implantation spotting (super rare) is a positive test. And even then it could have just been random spotting.
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  • Thanks for not flipping out on us.
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  • It seems unlikely. But if you think you might be pregnant, the thing to do would be to wait a few days and then take a pregnancy test. Spotting at 7dpo is more likely to be a symptom of too much Googling than a symptom of pregnancy.
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