TTC after 35

OPK Clearblue

Im confused on whether to use first morning urine with these.. i have advanced and regular..  what is recommended

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    I have the regular. Used in afternoon, solid smiley. ,it says to stop after that but because it was on the first try I did fmu and got a negative. I did the next afternoon because my temp dropped again and I was just curious and got another smiley. No smiley though the following afternoon. I read that the threshold is 40 and you'll get a smiley after that but it looks to see if you are increasing for another one and then resets but I don't know if that's true or not. My point was just fmu gave me a negative when it was probably still positive since I doubt I went from positive to negative to positive. We kept going though so if it was accurate we got the timing right. :) I'm on cd64 after a failed Provera attempt so I'm not exactly the "normal". Everything I've read says fmu will work, but later is better. Given my experience, I'm doing later... if things ever get back to normal. ..and I plan on doing both the cheap ones and the digital next cycle so I'll share my findings. I'm an experiment and confirm type lol.
    me:41   dh:43 
    Off Mirena Nov 2013, On Nuvaring end of Jan, Back off Sept 2014.  Never ending cycle starting end of Sept... 
    11/14 Provera failed... cycle continues 
    12/14 High FSH (57 "midcycle")  OBGYN had no clue... about anything 
    01/15 More lab results coming back from RE. U/S showed small (1")cyst on left ovary, thin lining, and couldn't locate right ovary so  possibly straight to DE and IVF 

    Occassionally mess with the chart below to see "what if" and learn (not to make it pretty but because FF stays drunk with me).  

    My Ovulation Chart
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