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Measuring a week behind

Hey mommies! I have a general question. According too my LMP I am 12 weeks and 4 days along, however the baby is measuring 11 weeks and 4 days. Which my OB said is fine because conception is hard too pinpoint. So my question is which week would you set the app too? The one which is coordinating with the baby or from my LMP

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  • I was measuring a little less than a week ahead.  Which I know is an impossibility based on charting, but I'm still using that to keep track because it'll match the baby's development better.  (Important stuff for things like viability and term)
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  • Just like everyone else said, go with the baby. My cycle is 35 days and I knew the day I ovulated, so I knew the first due date they gave me was wrong... And alas, the official date from the ultrasound lined up just like I thought! :)
  • I measured 9 days behind LMP (which fits with when I normally ovulated) and went with that. Dating was really early at 6w.
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