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Nov Siggy Challenge WINNER!

Big ol congrats to @CFearsy for her animal being the biggest asshole/jerk!

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying it was good to laugh at peoples signatures all month!
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Sept '16 - IVF - 12R, 11M, 5F and 3 perfect day 5 blasts - MMC 7w5d
Jan '17 - FET 1 - BFP, EDD 10/14

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Re: Nov Siggy Challenge WINNER!

  • I think on here it's done by voting again, but I haven't seen a clicky on it yet. Here's the thread I've read so far of what people are thinking of for December:

    TTC #1 since 11/2012
    Me-31, H-27
    **Loss 1-Cycle 7(June 2013) at 5w6d-CP**Loss 2-Cycle 11(October 2013) at 5w4d-CP**
    **Loss 3-Cycle 14 (January-February 2014)-M/C dx 2/10, EP dx 2/24, MTX 2/25**
    Beta Hell--hCG finally down to 0 - 6/20/14
    SA normal. Genetic testing normal. Hormonal testing normal.
    HSG 6/30/14 - found blocked left tube and 2 'bubbles' on uterine wall.
    Hysteroscopy/Lap--8/4/14 - Tubes unblocked. Polyps removed from uterine wall. Septum removed.
     9/30/14--Off the bench! Unmedicated TI through December 2014
    BFP 12/14/14!!! Beta #1, 12/16: 990 Beta #2, 12/18: Over 2000! Beta #3, 12/22: over 8000!
     U/S #1, 12/23: gestational sac, possible heartbeat
    U/S #2, 12/30: HEARTBEAT! 128bpm, measuring right on at 7w EDD: 8/19/2015
    U/S #3, 1/9: BPM in the 180s, IT'S HAPPENING!!!
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