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Mind a mini vent here?

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I'm only 7w2d. DH and I have only shared the news with my mom and his parents and plan to keep it that way until like February! Well after we had our US and saw the heartbeat, my FIL decided it was safe to share the news with anyone and everyone he saw. Without our permission, he created an email to everyone in his address book and said, "we're going to be grandparents!" :-O He ran into an old H.S. friend of mine (someone I used to date too...) and blurted out the news to him too!!!! ~X( We're from a small town so between his email and sharing the news with Chris, the secret is def out. DH and I are shocked and frustrated but kind of have to accept the reality. Has anyone experience something similar to this? How did you handle it?

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Re: Mind a mini vent here?

  • I am sorry - this sucks.  My mom did something similar to me last year when we were pregnant with twins - thankfully only with family though.  Sadly and selfishly she did it just to complain with some other people about how DH and I would never be able to handle DD and twins.  Unfortunately I miscarried so it was extra frustrating that she told the additional people that I then had to un-tell. 

    Hang in there.  Hopefully as time goes on, you will look back and laugh about it.
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  • It's so frustrating! Since we went through IVF, and half the family contributed money to help us, we didn't have too many family members to surprise. But, when I posted on FB this week, I was really happy to see over a hundred comments and likes from people who had no idea. So, at least maybe you still have that.


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  • I'm sorry - that is frustrating!  When I was 6w, a great aunt found out I was pregnant and told the whole extended family - she actually told people we were having twins b/c we did IVF.  I was a bit annoyed, but I knew she was just happy for us.  I told her if anything happened or if we didn't have twins, she would be designated to give everyone the update.  

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  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this. My mom and I went through this with previous pregnancies, so with this one she was very well behaved. I only gave her permission to tell people this week! It was hard for her, as she was so excited, as I'm sure is true for your FIL, but this is YOUR news, and he had no right to share it.

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  • Sorry that happened. I guess they're really excited, but nobody ever understands IF brain. I didn't tell my family until 12 weeks with DS and 10 this time. I would've told them sooner this time around (my family.. not the IL's because I know they have BIG... maybe the biggest mouths!!), but we were visiting them so I thought it'd be nice to be able to tell them in person and see their reaction. But I def would've killed them if they'd done that. I would let him know that you didn't plan on telling everybody until further along and ask him to zip his lip (in a nicer way) for now.

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  • Thanks ladies! We had a good talk with DH's parents this afternoon and asked them politely to zip it from this point forward! They were apolegetic and are just sooo excited! I'd rather have them overly excited than anything else I guess. If it ends in a miscarriage, they are responsible for telling everyone and ensuring I don't get any pity emails too! We'll be keeping this news to ourselves if there's ever a future pregnancy and announcing when and how we want. :-bd
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