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Anyone experience swollen lymph nodes?

Hello ladies, this might be a weird question but I'm welcoming any advice. I'm 11 weeks today according to my 6 week ultrasound and I recently noticed a swollen node in my groin that is tender to touch. Has anyone experienced this? I just recently had all my prenatal testing/blood work that shows no infection, so this kind of hit me out of left field. I probably wouldn't be over thinking this, but when I miscarried last time I had the same unexplained swollen lymph node in my groin. Not sure if it was related to losing my last bean cause I never got it looked at, just thought it was a weird, unrelated ailment.
I noticed it last night, do you think it's worth a hospital visit or should I wait it out?
Thanks, mamas!

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Re: Anyone experience swollen lymph nodes?

  • No problems with swollen lymph nodes associated with pregnancy here. It won't hurt to call the doc and make sure it's not a concern. I agree with pp not to mess with it too much. Best of luck!
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