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round ligament paint?

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Hi Ladies, I'm 12.5 weeks expecting twins. For the last 2 days I have had a very weird cramping feeling in my uterus, it feels like that cramp you get when you hold your pee for too long, sometimes I get a small shooting pain in my vag too. This is my first time being pregnant and I'm just wondering if this is round ligament pain? I don't want to spend my Saturday at the walk in clinic. Thanks so much :)

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  • Wish I could offer advice but I am actually dealing with the same thing! Which in some ways I take as a tiny sign that it may be just part of the process? I am also 12 weeks.
  • I'm 12w 5d with one and experiencing weird cramps/pelvic spasms. I'm not too worried.
  • Morning @emilyzemily‌ ! I have those too since week 12 (i'm 13+3). At 12 wks your uterus moves out from behind the pubic bone. I noticed it happens when I hold my pee for a long time. Hope this helps. But I don't believe it's RLP. Rlp is more of a pain when you stretch to reach for something , that shooting type of pain
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  • Thanks for the advice ladies!
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  • I had the shooting vag pain last time. You might mention at your next appointment but it was just stuff adjusting for me.
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  • My RLP usually happens with sudden movement or getting up after being seated for a long time. Feels more like a dull muscle cramp, kind of like the side stitches I get when running occassionally.

    I'm not 12 weeks yet but I'd bet it's just due to stuff moving around in there.
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