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Black Friday Opinions

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What are your thoughts on Black Friday(Thursday) Shopping?

Black Friday Opinions 62 votes

Love it! I'm the first in line.
3% 2 votes
I go and buy practical things I will actually use, like 50% off cat litter.
1% 1 vote
A friend or family member usually drags me along. I buy one or two things.
3% 2 votes
I go for the people watching.
1% 1 vote
I hate Black Friday and boycot shopping on both Thanksgiving & Black Friday
37% 23 votes
No opinion. People do what they want.
17% 11 votes
I shop online.
29% 18 votes
I like clicking things.
6% 4 votes
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Re: Black Friday Opinions

  • I try to do most of my shopping on line. Although I do enjoy people watching, it's just not worth it to me to go on Black Friday. Such crazies out there. And maybe it's because I'm getting older but I just don't get the camping out. There were people camped out at our best buy Wed night o_O

    I'm also torn about stores being open starting Thanksgiving evening. I remember when I used to work retail some didn't mind working Thanksgiving because they had nowhere to go or they really wanted the extra money. I wouldn't agree if someone was made to work that didn't want to though :( Hopefully these places that are open have enough volunteers.
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  • I have been shopping on Black Friday but never super early.  This year I am working so I haven't had time.  If people want to wake up super early and go shop good for them but I don't want to do the pushing and shoving for doorbuster sales myself.
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  • I worked retail starting Thanksgiving at 530 pm until 2 am. My store was no busier than we would have been on any weekend day.

    I've worked "Black Friday" for the thirteen years I've been in the states. I don't mind having to work (my store paid us well) but I do think we can work on our patience by allowing non-essential places to close. To me the fun of Black Friday seemed to be staying up late and hopping from store to store. I've never actually shopped it though as I've always worked the event.
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  •  I used to work retail too and never minded it much either. Never got paid more though... wtf?

    Now I hate Black Friday. I appreciate a good deal with the rest of them, but there is something about the gluttony represented that really puts me off.
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  • I don't mind people Black Friday shopping. However, when I hear about people getting trampled or pushed over and getting injured, it makes me absolutely disgusted that people care more about material things over injuring someone or even killing them ( see recent news in the UK of a woman getting killed in a TV scuffle with someone.)
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  • usually, I'm a strictly online shopper, Black Friday or not. Unless its groceries (though I do use the ClicknPull from Sams - shop online, go pick it up the next day), I get things online. I like being able to see the reviews, pull up multiple sites at a time and get the best deal. My aunt did convince me to go out with her this thanksgiving. We went to Bealls and it was pretty low key. 
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  • @crimpgirl‌ I'm with you on the parking. Sometimes the parking lot is 10 times worse than anything you'll find in line/in the store.

    @Sterling13‌ I'm the same way about shopping. If there's a big ticket item that I need anyway and can get super cheap, I'll do the black Friday thing, but that's pretty rare for me.
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