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Columbia, SC OBGYN Physicians & Hospitals--Advice?

Hey all!

I am looking for an OBGYN who is good at listening and at least letting me try to deliver naturally. Do y'all have any suggestions on great doctors? I definitely want to deliver in a hospital, not at home, but I'm still adamant on trying to get to a no-epidural delivery.

I've been contemplating Dr. Wild at Palmetto Park Ridge because his reviews are good, but I think I read somewhere that after your 20th-ish week, the docs here rotate and you're kind of stuck with whoever is on call when you deliver. Is this true?

I've also been contemplating Dr. Ridenhour at SC OBGYN/Palmetto Baptist who has great reviews and I'd prefer a female anyhow (but would be just fine with a male).

Any opinions on either of the 2 docs or any write-in suggestions? I live really close to Park Ridge so that would be ideal but I'd rather have the better doctor, of course, so the distance to Baptist or Richland is not a deal breaker by any means. A great doctor is a great doctor in my book regardless of gender and all the hospitals seem to be pretty comparable.

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Columbia, SC OBGYN Physicians & Hospitals--Advice?

  • All the Parkridge Dr.s that i have meet have all been very laid back. I am using the same practice, different Dr. It is true that after the 20th week you do rotate Dr.s, but that is for the reason the Dr you use, might not be on call when you go into labor. That doesn't mean that you wont see your Dr. after the 20th week. Everyone at Parkridge has been extremely nice. I have used a few other practices, but switched because i felt like a number not a patient.
  • I would also like to know this! I would have gone with the birth center but it shut down :-(. I spoke with a doula that recommended either Dr. Kerry Sims or Dr. Elizabeth Boggs at Richland. But I'm nervous about the on-call doctor not being supportive.
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  • My recommendation is Lexington Womens Center. I am rotating between 4 midwives in their midwife progtam and they are phenomenal so far! They are very patient-centered too. LWC is also the only place in the midlands with a midwife program. I was kind of shocked at my first prenatal appointment because the nurse who took my medical history asked if I had a birth plan. When I said not yet, she suggested I look around at some and create one to bring in next time. Speaking to some other pregnant women, it seems that some places aren't so patient-centered? Just my two cents!
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  • @CarolinaGirl2014‌ I go to women's physicians assoc. Dr. Boggs is with that practice. They do rotate but I've been very happy with everyone I've seen :)
  • SC OBGYN is a rotating practice, so while the female doc may be your primary, you'll be seen by all of them. I've gone there for ten years, Dr. Stands in my gyn. The entire office staff is so so nice. I def recommend them. 
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  • I love Dr. Addy with Sandhills Womens. They rotate but there are only three of them so it's not so bad. Dr. Addy is very laid back but informative!
  • I also use Lexington Women's Center! You get a complimentary doula service with birth! That part really hooked me.
  • I'm scheduled for my first appointment tomorrow at sc obgyn. I have Dr. Grumbach but the nurse told me they do rotate and I'll see every doctor at least once. I don't mind that too much though. All I know is I've heard that Baptist is THEE BEST in Columbia! Have not heard such great things about Richland. My best friend had her baby at parkridge and she had a vey pleasant experience. So I'd say stick with doctors that deliver at Baptist or Parkridge not Richland!
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