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Happy Thanksgiving & plans for the weekend

Post your food and decor pictures here.

How was TG dinner?  Do you have plans for the weekend?

Re: Happy Thanksgiving & plans for the weekend

  • Dinner was excellent. Glad to see family. Now I am thankful to be home and in my own bed.
    Think we may put up Christmas lights outside tomorrow. I don't partake in the Black Friday sales so we will be home.
    Hope everyone had a great day.
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  • Well, I tried very hard not to overeat.  But here I am, trying to recover from a food coma.  Dinner was just for 2.  I'm surprised everything turned out well since we were trying a few new recipes, including H's low sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free pecan pie.

    I managed to get DH to take a vacation day on Monday.  It's like pulling teeth getting him to take time off.  We're hoping to finally finish the never-ending kitchen painting project.

    I hate crowds too.  So, the deals might have to wait till Cyber Monday.

    Pics below: homemade eggnog coffee, mesquite-smoked pheasant, venison chops, cornbread dressing.
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  • Your son is adorable @JimBobCooter :)
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  • Dinner with family , then put up tree Friday . Don't do the sales either , family is keeping gifts low key this year. Spending rest of time curled up with H and DS. My H usually works 6 days a week so I'm so stoked he is home! Here is pic of me, brother, mom, and my son..( big guy is brother! Lolimageimage
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  • We did a thanksgiving dinner last weekend because my brother was home from CA who I only get to see once a year. :(  it was nice to see him and meet his live in girlfriend.  We did thanksgiving day with my husband's parents which was fine. It was just us, our two kids, and his parents. Very low key. Dinner was great.  His dad grilled a turkey and it was amazing! The funniest part of the dinner was probably when I went to grab another piece of turkey.. we were all finishing up and the serving tray had been passed for the last time around the table.. and instead of taking my fork.. I just proceeded to eat turkey off the serving fork! nice one.  His mom said umm Nik.. you might have to open your mouth pretty big for that bite. lol How embarressing!!! 

    We always cut our tree down from a local farm the Friday after Thanksgiving with the kids.  We did that and then went on a little carriage ride which was nice.  They had HUGE black horses with Christmas wreaths on and silver bells.. it was very festive and fun. The kids loved it.  We decorated the tree and the house on Saturday. 

    I did make the mistake of going out Thanksgiving night to do some pre black Friday shopping.  Never. Again. It was craziness.  I didn't realize it when I left my house but the roads were solid ice so that was no fun.  I had to park a gazillion miles away and walk up the store front.  There were so many people that you could hardly get around and then they seriously behaved like animals! One older man.. not 'old' but older than me.. literally bumped into me with his cart and told me to get out of the way! lol  I turned around laughing because I thought he was absolutely ridiculous and said um where would you suggest I move to?  Any insight genious because there are carts and people EVERYWHERE and I'm a little stuck right now. lol  Geeez.  

    AND the lego tower I went for was completely gone before I even found it!  I hopped online this morning for cyber Monday to get the lego tower online.. it sold out before I could even check out! 
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