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Feed every 2-3 hours or on demand

Which do you do for breastfeeding and why?

Re: Feed every 2-3 hours or on demand

  • I breastfed on demand but also didn't let my baby go longer than 2-3 hours at first. It was on the advice of the doctor.

    I was told that it was important to breastfeed at least as often as the baby wanted. (for supply and because the baby needed it) I know some people who were given slightly different advice.
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    I mainly FF but our ped said 2-3 hrs until DD was back to birth weight (or close). Now I feed on demand. I know others who BF all day so that baby sleeps more at night, not sure if that works for all babies though. I tried that approach on DD because our ped suggested it, so I woke her up from her naps, but it just made her fussy at night.
  • In the first week I would feed on demand and would make sure it was no longer than 3 hours. Now I still feed on demand and he usually doesn't go more than 3 hours anyways. Sometimes if he's having a good nap or at night he'll go 5 hours but that's not very often. I'd rather him tell me when he's hungry. 
  • I guess I do a combo. I never let him go longer than 2- 3 hours due to worry my supply could dry up, though I will feed him sooner if he is hungry
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