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Self-care Monday

Last week's challenge was to do something you had been putting off. What did you do?

What else did you do for self care last week?

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? Why or why not?

This week's challenge: Just say no. Holiday planning is about to begin. Don't feel like you have to do it all. Just say no.
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Re: Self-care Monday

  • Organize papers.

    I'm looking forward to Thursday, because its at our house and the kids have their creature comforts...which makes it 1,000x easier for DH and I to relax. Plus it helps that the meal responsibilities are being split between two houses

    I've officially burnt myself out, and now am saying no to watching both Kids this Saturday. I'm giving myself permission to relax for a few hours, away from the house and kids.

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    For self care last week, I did not do much but really pushed to be social at the Thanksgiving office pot luck party. It is hard enough for me to go and socialize with my co-workers. It is so bad that I have to ask DH to help me with social skills. I did try to talk to two people and had a good time.

    I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend!

    DH is making turkey breast with a marinade! He did a turkey one time last Thanksgiving or Christmas and it was juicy with every bite!

    I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend with DS also! On Friday, we are decorating the tree. On Saturday, we will write Santa Claus a letter. On Sunday, I want to bake a huge chocolate chip cookie with DS.

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  • I took a CPR course and got my certification last week. My card expired a while back and I've been meaning to renew it for a while, but kept putting it off. Then I got lunch all by myself. It was nice having some alone time.

    Everyone had things come up for Thanksgiving this year. I'm a little sad, but also relieved. So it'll be a small meal. We were talking maybe about doing take-out instead.
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  • I watched a funny sitcom all by myself.  I also took two nice naps this past Saturday and Sunday.

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