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Positive premature stories??

Has anyone had a premature baby, or knows of anyone that has that have had a positive story? I am 24 weeks along and in the hospital on strict bed rest. My due date is March 13th but the chance of me carrying to term is unlikely because of my situation... I honestly dont know when k could have my little girl, and it concerns me... Just has me worried is all, I just want her to be okay.

Re: Positive premature stories??

  • My best friend had a baby boy 2 years ago at 25 weeks. He is amazing! He was in the hospital until almost his due date but has no issues from being premature. Premies are generally gaged by their due date in terms of development- this little guy though was always right at the same level as his full term baby peers. He is definitely on the smaller side but walked, talked etc right on track. The outcome for this little guy has been nothing but positive! Best of luck with your little one!
  • Thank you all so much! I needed the encouragment! Feeling pretty down lately...
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    I was born at 30 weeks (34 years ago, so I assume medicine has come a long way since). I stayed in the hospital for a month. I apparently walked and talked early. (Don't wanna sound braggy, but) I always excelled academically, and I have two university degrees.

    My brother was only 4 weeks early. He and I got sick lots as children - breathing issues, croup, kidney/bladder things. I don't know if that had anything to do with us being premature, or if it was just our genetics etc.

    My brother's BFF, since he was four years old, was born three months early. I don't know of any issues he has, except vision issues, but he's fine. He's 31.

    ETA - I was only 4 lbs 13 oz at birth. Not sure what my brother was. His friend (his mom is good friends with my mom) was only 1 1/2 lbs.
  • I don't have any personal experience with preemies but I wanted to say that I wish you and your baby all the best!

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  • My friend had her twins at 26 weeks. They are now almost three and are amazing!!!!
  • Brother was born at 30 weeks and is now a bright and healthy 22 year old man. Modern medicine has only improved, so I'd like to think there is plenty of hope for you to hold on to. Regardless, best of luck to you!
  • My sis was a 32 wker and she just turned 27 last week.  She has a great job taller than me and is a very normal grown adult.  Was a little peanut and a bit behind growing up but grew out of all of it.  My mom too was on strict bedrest and had many issues as well.  A friend of mine just had ID twin girls at 28 wks due to TTTS in april both under 2lbs.  They stayed in NICU til june.  They are little porkers and wearing 6 mo clothes that are tight on them.  They have absolutely no issues.  Best friend growing up was born at 25 weeks under 2 lbs.  He fathers wedding ring fit around her wrist.  She is due on Christmas day with little boy.  Check out the preemie board they have some great miracle stories on their.
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  • My boy was born at 34 weeks at 4 lbs 3 oz. Now he's 5.5 months old, a chunky monkey at 17lbs, and sitting up on his own. Having a preemie is hard but the likelihood of a positive outcome is huge :-)

  • Thank you all so much!!!
  • I am the proud preemie mom of a 29w, 6d girl, and she is amazing. We had a 9 week NICU stay, some minor feeding issues, a PDA (tiny hole in her heart that closed with time) and a course of diuretics once she came home from the hospital, but we seriously lucked out in every way possible. No lasting heart issues, no cognitive delays, no speech delays, hit her milestones earlier than her adjusted age (i.e. walked at 14 months actual, which was 11.5 months adjusted). She was absolutely a best case scenario. 

    Good luck, mama, and keep cooking that baby! Also, the preemies board is a wonderful asset, check it out!
  • I know several...my cousin's daughter was born at 26 weeks, she is now 3.5 years old and you would never know..developmentally and physically. Same goes for my husband's cousin - who had her son at 30 weeks. He'll be 4 in January.. and is a total brute...he did have some health issues with breathing for the first year and a half.. he was constantly getting sick. But that seems to have passed. She also just delivered her 2nd child (a girl) balso at 30 weeks and she was able to leave the hospital at 36 weeks she was doing so well. She's been home for like 3 weeks and she is doing very well.
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  • Thank you ladies for all your kind words, and positive stories!! They have helped me tremendously :)
  • @darbdarbs how are you feeling?  How far along are you now?
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  • I was on strict bed rest in the hospital from 22 weeks until 36w. I had a tear in my sack at 18 weeks they could not admit me until 22. The care man did and the fluid and that coming back but during that time my daughter developed IUGR, and was not growing normally I delivered her at 36 weeks because of preeclampsia she was 3 pounds 2 ounces and had to stay in the NICU for 45 days. once she weighed in at 4 pounds I was able to bring her home she is now four and a half years old and perfect. Definitely a fighter from the start.

    Every case is different, my advise to you is to think positive, try not to stress and know that whatever the outcome yoy did your best!

    Good luck keep us posted on your progress!
  • Hi ladies thank you all so much for your positive stories and encouragement!! It means the World to me! I will be 25 weeks tomorrow, and hopefully being discharged from the hospital today :) I will have to continue my medication at home, and will have doctors appointments and ultrasounds every 2 weeks! So far everything is great!! She's still cooking in there, and if I can make it to 30 weeks that will be a huge relief, and then every week after that will be a true blessing! Our little girl is going to make it I can feel it! She has to :)
  • I dont know any examples in real life, but I was reading that after 28 weeks, 90% of premature babies survive and I like those odds.
  • One of my coworkers delivered triplet girls at 28 weeks. They have home and healthy before their due date.
  • Thanks so much :) all these stories definitely make me a lot.more positive about the situation I am in! Every week is such a blessing to me I am now at 25 weeks and 4 days and just hoping she stays in there for another 5 weeks at least!! :)
  • I went into labor at 7 months because of preeclampsia that was over looked. She stopped growing around 6 months. She was 2.8lbs and her head was larger than her body. She was very strong and wanted to drink from the bottle but they wanted her to save her energy. Doctors were scared she was blind, would have a lot of health/learning problems etc.
    She is 11 now and super tall. Wears glasses but you would never imagine she was a preemie.
  • My cousin went in to the hospital at 24 weeks. The plan was to keep her there in bed rest until she delivered, which ended up only being like two weeks later. Her girl was in the hospital for over a month, and of course that sucked to go through. She had to have a few surgeries, and it was pretty nerve wracking. But she just celebrated her one year birthday, and is a happy healthy little kid. Medicine's come a long way in taking care of preemies.

    Best of luck on handling bed rest, I'd go so stir crazy. And hope everything goes well for you and baby.
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  • I was a premature baby! I was born at 7 months. I was incredibly tiny at birth and had to be in an incubator for almost 3 months. Before I went home I had to weigh 5 pounds and some ounces (at birth I weighed 4lb. 1oz.). And was only 19in. long. As far as long term though I had no problems! I am now 11 weeks pregnant with my first and have had no complications. I was only smaller than normal as an infant. I grew up normally and acted and looked just like normal non-preemie children. I was top of my class from kindergarten to high school. Hope this helps!
  • My roommate was due mid December and hd her beautiful little girl at the beginning of September. She is now home and doing great! The Drs thought she would have trouble nursing and she took to breast feeding like a champ!!
  • I was born at 25.5 weeks in 1983. The doctor told my mom I was going to die an hour after I was born. Then when all 1 pound 14oz of me fell out of my mom they swept me away and left me in a room for a few hours without checking on me. The came in after a while and said I was still alive and asked what my parents wanted to do..Not sure how my dad didn't punch the guy out. Granted they didn't find out that I wasn't checked on after birth for another year. I was moved to a hospital with a top level NICU where I stayed for four months with some amazing doctors and nurses. I was on oxygen for 4 months, the only issues I have are vision issues. 
    My parents sued the doctor who delivered me and that hospital has since closed, every person I know that was born there had problems. 
    If I can survive with that kind of treatment then I think your LO will do just fine. Medical science has improved so much in the last 31 years and the fact that you're on bedrest means they have a clue so that is very very good. Think positive and your LO will do great!

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  • My best friend's daughter was delivered at 24 weeks. That little girl is now 3. She is beautiful and curious and full of life. She was in the NICU for several months and finally got to go home around her due date, which was really exciting for me because she went home on my birthday =)  She's got some vocal chord issues and less than average lung capacity because of some complications from surgeries but she's as amazing.

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  • Check out the facebook page Adventures of Baby Beckham. My friend at work had her second baby early and you can follow the story of a community coming together to help this family in its time of need. He is two now and doing so well! I hope the best for you and your little one :-)
  • my dear friend ended up going into labor at 25 weeks and could only hold it off until 28 weeks and she had the baby and her daughter is doing better than ever!!! There is ALWAYS HOPE!! It was amazing to see her at her first birthday and how far she has come!!! STAY POSITIVE 
  • I am adopted and was born almost 8 weeks early to a drug addicted/prostitute birth mother. I had tons of issues (respiratory, addicted to heroin, STI, sleep apnea) and weighed only 1lb 15oz, but I have no medical issues as an adult and not much past my first year. Being born premature does not mean that your baby won't grow to be healthy. I am so thankful to my parents for being so loving and taking care of me during that really hard first year but you would never know now that I had any of those issues. 
  • My daughter was a mid- to late-term preemie. My water broke at 30w5d, and I was on bedrest until I had her at 34+0. You'd never know she was a preemie now! We also have a 25-weeker in our babysitting coop, whom I have babysat for a few times. She is doing great, and only has a slight speech delay. Good luck to you, and try to stay positive!

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