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18 lb 2 month old

LO has been EBF since he came home from the hospital (he had a one week stint in the NICU due to my fever and staph infection during labor). His 2 month appt was on November 6th and he was 18 lbs even and 25 inches long. He wAs born at 10 lbs 14 oz and 22.75 inches (I didn't have gestational diabetes- I ALWAYS get asked that).

The pediatrician said she is hoping he's just a big baby and this isn't an obesity thing. Any moms here with older babies that have a similar experience? His arms have rolls and he has chunky thighs but his torso doesn't look chubby or anything.
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Re: 18 lb 2 month old

  • No my minion is 9# at 9 wks so tiny but I can't believe obesity was even discussed about a 2mo old. I don't bf so I've always wondered how you know how much your little one is eating. Like mine spits up avalanche style if he gets over 4oz so I wonder how tge F I'd know to stop if I was bfing. Ooc did they suggest doing anything different?
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  • She was just saying we will see how big he is at the next appointment. I work so when I'm out, my mom bottle feeds him with my stored breast milk and he will take anywhere from 3-5 oz in a feeding. @MLE_C2B‌
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  • No experience but I can sympathize with you. My LO was 9.2lb at birth and even at that weight I was consistently getting asked if I had GD (I didn't) and they were checking LO for diabetes too...but yeah, she's fine. I was getting pretty frustrated with that. I'm constantly having to tell people her daddy is 6'4". I'm also surprised obesity was brought up. He seems pretty long too, so I imagine he will be a tall kid.

    As for feeding, I EBF and she gets a bottle of breast milk every couple of days. I did ask my doctor yesterday how much to feed her in a sitting when we do give her a bottle and she suggested to not go over 4oz.

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  • I'm 5'8 and my husband is 6'2 but if he hadn't fractured his back in the marine corps he'd be 6'5. We have a nephew who was 11 lbs at birth and apparently their grandfather also weighed 11 lbs at birth. I was born 8 lbs 6 oz and husband was an ounce heavier than me and we were both 20 or 21 inches long.
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  • Ummm, my kid stops when full when put to breast.. yours probably does too... hungry baby is going to eat what they want to eat.  If they were FF I MIGHT would wonder if you were over feeding, but even then my kid spits out the bottle or spits the formula out after sucking if she isn't hungry anymore.... I'm pretty sure obesity isn't a thing right now and I'd sucker punch your pedi.
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  • At two months my son is 16lbs 9oz and 25 inches long, ebf, born at 9 even. The doctors all rave about how healthy he is. Breast milk has different calorie amount per ounce from mother to mother some is 10 calories while others is 50 calories, while formula is 20 calories per oz no matter what. You obviously just have a higher calorie count. Your baby is not obese and they will most likely start sliming down once they can run, don't worry and keep plumping that baby up!
  • The first two years most kiddos grow really quickly, big or little. My older kiddos were not quite so big, but have always been on the higher ends of the charts for both height and weight. Both seem to have slowed down between 2-3 yr old. For instance dd1 has been between 37-39lbs since her 2.5yr appt and she's now 4. Seems to hold true for the BMB fb groups im in for her age - the kiddos that started out bigger have kind of evened out.
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  • I don't think a 2 month old can be obese. That seems a little crazy in my opinion. You just have a bigger baby, as long as he is healthy the doctor should be happy. Many babies chunk up a lot before they start crawling and moving.
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  • Thanks ladies! That's the thing I always heard about being EBF and that you can't overfeed. So I was like well what the heck am I supposed to do? She thought maybe I should give him a pacifier first cause maybe he has some sort of oral fixation but nope. He HATES pacifiers. He only really uses it when we are at the doctors.
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  • Oh my good Lord. I am on board with PP and can't believe they brought up obesity this early. I mean, seriously??? And your LO is pretty long too! I wouldn't worry about it. Babies are supposed to be chunky and have those cute little arm and leg rolls! :)

    I was told my LO was "short and stocky" which I could just chuckle at. He was 12 lbs and like 21.5 in at 2 mo check up (putting him at 40 percentile for weight and 24th for height... Which sounded worrisome to me at first but the doctor said he was growing well!) he's just a solid looking little man :)
  • That's him about 2 weeks ago.
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  • Yeah, I'd look for a new pedi after the pacifier comment. There's no way that I'm going to ignore hunger cues and try shoving a pacifier in her mouth.

    Our DD was 9 lbs at 38 weeks. Everyone freaked out and we're doing hourly sugar tests at the hospital. No, she's fine. DD1 was also that big, plus I'm 5'10 and DH is 6'2/built like a linebacker. She's not gaining quite as quickly as yours, but that's largely due to supply issues/weight loss at the beginning. Anyway, our pedi won't talk about it, even when I asked in relation to our 23 mo old. He said that toddlers are still growing so much that as long as we're not feeding her garbage, that we should let her eat however much she wants.

    The only thing with breastfeeding that I can think of is being careful of bottles. The calorie content changes over time, so they don't need more than the 1-1.5 oz/hour that they're getting now. Since formula can't change like that, FF babies do need more volume as they grow. I think sometimes people forget that. I know with DD1, daycare questioned it since they're used to formula quantities getting bigger.



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    Both my babies are big. My Dr says it's not an issue until they're around 2 and it becomes an issue of "food habits" like too many cookies or juice all day. My toddler was extremely roly-poly (like couldn't even roll over until 6 months he was so chubby!) but once he started moving he sprouted up and lost some of the chub.
    You absolutely cannot feed a bf baby even if they're nursing 24-7 because they will just switch to comfort nursing when full. You're doing a great job and I'm sorry your Dr even brought up obesity!
    ETA, TB won't let me edit but that should say you can't OVERfeed a bf baby.


  • First of all, I LOVE his rolls! That's adorable. Second, I'd find a new pedi.

    And for your comfort, my DH was 10 lbs 13 oz at birth 24 in long. He's two month appt he was 16.11. He's 6"2. He was just a big baby, I can't believe obesity was brought up. If you go to the next appt and he's still gaining is your pedi going to tell you to cut back on him eating? That would get a side eye from me. Breastfed babies don't tend to overeat either.
  • If she brings up obesity at the next appt I think I will def switch doctors.
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  • Tell your pedi to suck it. 8 pounds in 8 weeks isn't unthinkable for an ebf baby. My pedi told me I was feeding too much when he gained 21 ounces in 9 days so o found a new pedi!

    Also, I bet your LO has amazing rollllllls!!!
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  • He's adorable. Your pedi is crazy.
  • He is handsome and looks healthy! I wouldn't be worried about his weight at all. I'd look for a new pedi.
  • He's beautiful. Your pedi is nuts
  • @RoniH718 said:
    If she brings up obesity at the next appt I think I will def switch doctors.
    obviously it's your kid, so your choice - but i would seriously consider changing doctors anyway. the fact that she said that and also gave the pacifier advice is absolutely ridiculous. it would personally make me feel less comfortable with that pediatrician - but that's me. i know changing doctors can be a pain but especially at this age, it's not like you've built up a long term relationship or have a lot of back story to tell if you switch.

    no joke, my jaw dropped when i read your post. :-O
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  • Thanks. I just want to clarify and say she didn't outright say he was obese. I think she hasn't come across a baby as big as him so she said she didn't know if it's just him being a large baby or if this is a problem leading to obesity. If anyone is in the San Diego area let me know of a good pedi. I'm originally from the Bay Area and I know exactly where I would go there.
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  • No experience with our LO but my BFF's little guy was almost 9 lb at birth and above the 100% for all of his appointments until he reached one year of age. He was a big baby too, but he balanced out by the time he was 1 year old.





  • Just precious! I'd say extremely happy and healthy baby you have there! And any pedi would love to see these numbers in any baby, one would think.
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