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Hello all :) i have only been type 1 since december 2013 and recently found out im expecting. I am 7 weeks. Last A1C was a 9!!!! Since i have found out i think i have been doing amazing at keeping my levels under control. However I am still so worried about what the high levels levels may have done to my baby! I go in for my first scan on wed at 8 weeks! Anyone have any advice? How do you keep your numbers low? How many carbs do you eat per meal?

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  • In February my a1c was 9. I got pregnant in April when it was 7.2. Since getting my BFP, they have all been in the 6s. Keep working on testing and keeping an eye on your levels.
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  • I relate, in that I was only diagnosed last year too! What a shock, huh?

    I keep it all in check with frequent visits to the endocrinologist and dietician. My meal plan has me eating every 3 hours or so, 15-30 carbs for breakfast, 30 carbs every snack, 30 carbs at lunch, and 45-60 carbs at dinner. My insulin needs have more than doubled since the start of the pregnancy. Hopefully you can get some professional insight soon too to get a perfect plan for you to follow.

    P.S. I am near the end of my pregnancy and my little girl is doing awesome, and is hardly ahead for size--in fact, she's just about on target. You can do this! It's a lot of work but you can manage this new condition and still have a great pregnancy. :)
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  • The pump has been a life saver for me. I was on injections for the first trimester due to my insurance being stingy with coverage for the pump. That seemed to work well up until my second trimester when my insulin needs sky rocketed. After about a week or so on the pump, my numbers have been so much better and actually within my range ( no more lows in the 20's and 30's thank goodness!). I think the main thing to remember is to just try your best and try not to stress too much. There will always be a high here or there because of the crazy hormones, but my doctors always say to just look at the big picture instead of meal to meal. 

    Also, I recommend reading Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes by Cheryl Alkon. I bought it online from Barnes and Noble and it is a great book that doesn't make Type 1 pregnancy seem like the end of the world! 
  • test often! Find out which foods will give you a big spike. My last pregnancy I could not eat cereal or really any grains/rice. Walks/exercise after eating helps too.

    Be prepared to take a boat-load of insulin by the time you are into your 3rd trimester. I was filling up my pump every day and a half or so!

    Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. I find if I'm dehydrated my numbers are higher. 

    Remember, you can't control the past, but you can control the now. Do your best and don't get hung up on what you were doing before you got pregnant. With my first baby I was a 7.3 when I found out I was KU. A month later, I was down to 6.5 and it continued to trend down into the low 5's for most of my pregnancy.
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  • Thanks everyone. Sometimes its very overwhelming! I am the healthiest i have been in this past year. I go to the doc on Thursday and im hoping my A1C is down a lot since end of Oct. I have been working my butt off on making sure my numbers are good. Just praying that my baby will be ok.
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  • I have had Type 1 Diabetes for about 12 years and in my first trimester by blood sugars have been very low.  I am pretty scared for the second trimester to come along and trying to adjust my insulin levels effectively to avoid the highs.  I use an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor and they have done a lot to improve my overall health, especially the alarms on it that alert me to high and low trends in my levels.  I was able to get my A1C down to 6.5 with it.

    My plan is to just check often, be extra careful about my carb counting, and be open and honest with the doctors that are there to help me along the way.  It will be hard work, but it will be worth it.
  • Hi I have been type 1 since I was 8 ,I am now 31 , I have an 8 yr old son who which when I got pregnant wasn't that greatly controlled. When I found out I was prego I buckled down and got my numbers under control , he was born healthy , 37 weeks and weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce. This pregnancy I have had my a1c's in the 7's for years, but also now have chronic kidney disease. My first 2 trimesters I ran on the low side and had an a1c of 5.5 haven't been that low in many years , then third hit and my numbers went all over , they're under control now but baby gained a little bit of extra weight which slowed down when my sugars got back in check. So far  I have had a great pregnancy and only what to be expected issues. I wouldn't worry to much , I have heard horror stories of very unhealthy diabetics who had very healthy babies, as long as your keeping under control now and throughout. As far as keeping my numbers in check , Its thanks to carb counting , having the proper insulin to carb ratio (which during pregnancy may or may not change a lot) , I am also a pump user so I eat whatever I want . Become best friends with endo and get a dietician to help you out , mine I have known for 13 years and is a life saver with my pregnancies even lets me call her whenever about my sugars. And don't be alarmed you will have more us's then normal, but its normal for when your diabetic, they even have an us to check baby's heart to make sure everything is going well, well at least with mine they did.  Best of luck to you and baby :-) 
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    What pumps do you ladies have? I have the omnipod, and have for about 6 years- it was life changing! I've been diabetic since I was 12, currently 26 and 26 weeks pregnant with a healthy little girl! She's measuring in the 44th percentile. I'm not super strict on carb counting (at least I don't think I am), I'm not consistent with it. Sometimes I have meals with more, some with less. It's all about lifestyle. If you have a higher carb meal, just try to go for a walk to burn some naturally as well as with the insulin! The key to good control anytime, especially while pregnant, is checking often! I check anywhere from 6-10 times a day. Your doctor can write your prescription for test strips (as long as you don't exceed your insurance plan's maximum per month- mind is 300 max per month so no big deal!) My a1c was 6.4 during my first trimester, and this week was 6.0! I attribute this solely on checking frequently. I try to eat really healthy, but I do splurge on sweets and snacks often! I've also been able to keep my weight down. (We should definitely open a Diabetic Group)
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    Hi all, I created a Diabetic group, please join- it will make this easier!
  • I use Medtronic for my pump and CGM.  I love it.  The company also has a great support system.  I have a trainer that is a nurse that I communicate with and meet with regularly to help if I need it.  The CGM has saved me on numerous occasions by alerting me when I drop low because I rarely feel it coming plus it is nice to be able to see the trends in my blood sugar regularly.
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    That's great! I really want one of the trained puppies for sugar monitoring! They're amazing! I have the omniPod. If you're ever thinking about switching- it's amazing! It's tiny, peel-and-stick, and 100% waterproof so you shower with it, swim, snorkel, dive, anything!!
  • I use the Medtronic and have since I was switched over from Disetronic. I've been Type 1 since I was 15, so, 20 years now. I had my first child 12 years ago and she was a healthy 6'14". I kept very tight control over my sugars. I'm now doing this pregnancy thing again, for the second time and I guess had forgotten how much of a roller coaster it was! It's like having a second, full -time job! Thankfully, the Dr and I got it under control, for the time being! However, according to my dietician, once the placenta is fully formed, apparently it starts reeking havoc...can't wait!
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