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32 weeks and WATER BROKE!!! In hospital on bedrest!!

I went into preterm labor on the 19 which I was 31 weeks n 5 days and to make it worse the hospital I was registered at couldn't take me cuz I wasn't 32 weeks yet and they didn't have a neonatal care that could take care of babies under 31 weeks so I rode in an ambulance to a good hospital that I been at 2 nights now. They have me on FULL bed rest and they gave me magnesium to stop labor plus finIshed both the steroid shots to get his lil lungs developed sooner!!! I only dilated to 1cm and have stopped. The goal is to make it 35 weeks plus I'm having a planned c-section anyway so all I have to do is make it in here 3 more weeks and hope and pray no infections or that labor try's to start again and then when they take him at 35 weeks it's less likely he will have to go to the neonatal unit and can come on home with me and my hubby!! I've been a wreck my husband works 10 hours and has had to stay at home to watch my 15 year old son at night an get him off to school which is his stepson and this baby is his first so it's taking a toll on all of us plus I'm so emotional and trying to be strong but I'm all alone with no friends stuck here on a hospital bed. Anybody out there?!!! Any advice or wana talk?! Please help me get through this!!! ANYONE?!!

Re: 32 weeks and WATER BROKE!!! In hospital on bedrest!!

  • No advice, but sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Only three more weeks! :)
  • FX that you have an uneventful 3 weeks! hang in there!

  • Mommy to at 27 week premie and 33.4 week premie - it will okay- even if baby want to meet then world earlier ! Xoxoxo and prayers to you!
  • Meets as much as you can. Ask for anything you want need at the hospital. When I was in liquid diet for magnesium I wanted ice cream so bad. I told the nurse and she was we have Popsicles if you want. So ask for anything you never know. Hope you have an uneventful 3 wks. Could you see about getting transferred back to the orginal hospital as you get further along.


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  • Hang in there! I was admitted into the hospital at 20 weeks after my routine ultrasound. They found I had an incompetent cervix, they gave me a cerclage. And have given me the steroids also to help with her kung development. I am now 24 weeks, and stable so they are are hopefully sending me home in the next couple of days! It's tough being in the hospital, a month in here and I feel like I'm going crazy! But hang in there, in the end it will all be worth it :) thoughts and prayers are with you! But even if you had your little one now the chances are really good! Babies are viable at 24 weeks, not saying it wouldn't be a long road ahead but every week further is just an added bonus!! Good luck :)
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