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PCS to Fayetteville, living closer to Raleigh

Has anyone had to PCS to Bragg and lived near Raleigh?  My husband and I are deciding whether or not to go to Bragg, I want to live near some type of city for my job and Raleigh would be great however it's a bit of a drive from Raleigh.  He is completely fine with having a longer drive to work, does anyone know of any good/safe areas to live in, or any ideas?  

Re: PCS to Fayetteville, living closer to Raleigh

  • Honestly Raleigh is way too far. It's over an hour from Ft Bragg. Aberdeen and Southern Pines are very nice and much much closer to post.
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  • That's way too far.  You're looking at an hour and a half in decent traffic.  
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  • I pretty much hate living here in Fayetteville (Fort Bragg). The attitude of the city, with few exceptions, is totally rude and one of entitlement. If we could move, we would. But my husband's MOS keeps him here. That is my opinion, though.
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    Fayetteville is definitely one of the worst areas in the state (I am NC born and raised). I would live in Cameron, Southern Pines, Bunnlevel or any of the other surrounding towns. Raleigh is definitely too far away. We live in Cameron which is around 10-15 miles from post and it takes husband roughly 25 min to get to work and close to 45 min to get home bc of traffic, add the mileage to Raleigh and your husband will spend his free time sitting in his car.
  • I actually work with several women in the fayetteville area who live in Raleigh. It's a crappy commute but they survive it. Our field is actually hard to find jobs in big cities when you're just starting out so they often go to smaller cities to start. I also have a friend who lives in Sanford and works in Raleigh while her husband works at Bragg. She does work super early hours though to beat traffic. Again, it's doable. But not fun or easy. I commute about 45 mins each way (we had no desire to live near Bragg so are in Moore County) and it's not too bad since there is very little traffic.
  • I would go towards Broadway or Sanford, it's about halfway in between fayetteville and Raleigh
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    Sanford wouldn't be bad and would be a pretty middle location for the both of you Pinehurst is ideal and we love it there. Commuting is par for the course if you don't want to live in the middle of Fayetteville.
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